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QA on Online Etiquette Part 3

To continue from our last two posts on good etiquette in the digital era or simply good online etiquette, here is my two cents worth of opinion on the following: Should employees be using their mobile phones during a meeting? No. Clearly, this is a sign of disrespect.

35 Questions to Check Your Commitment to Success in Life

Questions are the key to uncovering information. This article is like an IRS audit except it covers your life not your money! Readers that spend time reflecting on the answers to these questions are guaranteed to move up on their personal success ladder and to find themselves more peaceful about their purpose.

Stay or Go? – 7 Signs It’s Time to Quit

We’ve all experienced these at some point in working life. An angst that torments you every waking moment, wondering if you’re leading your life’s purpose. A gnawing thought that maybe this will be all you’ll ever amount to in life, and you might as well come to terms to it sooner rather than later. A lethargy that you can’t seem to shake off despite sleeping more than 12 hours per day every weekend. Soon, you develop a habit of telling yourself to hang on for just one more day, and that tomorrow will be better. Sounds like you?

Prairie Wedding – You Are Your Voice

Your voice is your identity. Does your voice reach others the way you want? Read the article to find out how you can improve on your voice to make it reflect the real you.

Great Gift From the Universe – A Lesson Well Learnt

Another gift from the Universe…I wasn’t, however, prepared for what happened to me recently and that made me wonder what kind of blockage I had hidden deep within me…The first days I realized that everything was perfectly organized and that all I had to do was to let myself go and enjoy!But I wasn’t prepared for my reaction. To my greatest surprise, I began feeling very resentful and did not enjoy any of it…

How to Deal With Rude Behavior

Standards in civility have been steadily declining, to the extent that a single day rarely passes us by without experiencing some type of rudeness. Rudeness has diverse implications on our life. Aside from the anguish it causes us, it also damages our confidence in ourselves and harms relationships which could be otherwise healthy.

Where’s Your Prince Charming?

I believe in fairy tales, just not in the ones I grew up reading about – the damsel in distress is rescued by her handsome Prince Charming and then lives happily ever after. Nope, not after my experience. I wanted to believe in that one really bad – the easy one, the one that didn’t require I do anything, the lazy one.

Social Etiquette – The Art Of Politeness

Social etiquette is the rules of conduct in a society. The practical use of what you learn in etiquette is politeness. So be polite but avoid being a pushover.

Personal Development Strategies – How to Use Guilt to Help You Grow

If feelings are signals meant to guide us in life, then guilt could be a fantastic personal development guide. It is a feeling that naturally causes us to reflect on what we have done, sometimes over and over.

Inner Self Esteem – Outer Ego

Inner Self-Esteem and Outer Ego – It was during a recent conversation with my daughter that I recognized this article may be of value to others. We were discussing perceptions and how others see us is not how we see ourselves. This got me thinking and reflecting on some spiritual teachings that I have never felt totally comfortable with yet did not feel qualified or justified to reject.

The Sales Transaction

As a noun, it is the act of selling, an idea, a product and the quantity sold. Sales are opportunities to sell; using the demand from customers; slow or fast sale.

Imitation Is Death: Insist on Being Yourself

Insist on being yourself. Stop trying to be like someone else. Read on and answer the questions at the end of this short article and be challenged to Be Yourself.

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