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Using the Golden Rule of Life – Become a Better Person Instantly

Becoming a great person and making wonderful friends requires many great attributes. Your first attribute you need to develop is to remember the golden rule, which is to treat other people like you want to be treated. Selfish people usually don’t have great friends. If they do, they are only for a short period of time and are not true friendships. Unselfishness and being genuine are two qualities that are required to make and keep great people in your life.

Spare Time – What Do You Do With It?

How do you use your spare time in your life? Everyone gets a certain amount of spare time throughout their day. Many people choose to do something productive with this time, while others choose to seek entertainment. What you do in your spare time will determine the amount of success that you achieve throughout your lifetime.

14 Positive Affirmations That Work Right Now

Using positive affirmations can help you achieve success in life. Many people do not realize how important words are. The words you use on a daily basis will not only shaped your life, but the people’s lives that you interact with every day as well. Do you use positive words? Do you use negative towards? It’s really a matter of choice which words you use, so you mine as well use positive words. Below are 14 affirmations you can say on a daily basis to make yourself start thinking more positively right away.

Three “Right” Steps to Recharge!

At times, we all lose our “get-up and go” during tough life experiences. So, how can we get “recharged” to tackle these momentary lapses in our viewpoint and attitude. Just like a battery charger, we must plug in using a 3-Step plan to live life “Right”.

Truth Nugget 2 – Steps To Living Life By Truth Principles

Truth principles are throughout the Bible. Most Christians can quote any number of these principles from memory, most of which were learned through years of Bible study. Demonstration of truth principles in our daily lives comes when we apply these to our everyday living experience.

Do You Friends Think of You As Positive Or Negative? Do You Point Out Problems Or Attributes?

It is human nature to be able to see other people’s problems much more so than your own. It is very easy to point out people’s faults and problems in life. It’s almost like we come wired to do so. We have a natural talent to 20 people and tell them what they are doing wrong and why it is wrong. This is all done unconsciously, so we must think conscious control in order to fix it.

Giving Without Getting – An Essential Skill to Have

There is a plain and simple rule, when you give more you get more. If you are trying to game the system by just giving in order to get, this will not work. You must have a genuine passion for giving and doing for other people. Only after you start giving without any expectation for return, will you truly start to experience great rewards.

Beware of Know It Alls – And If You Are One, You May Be Surprised You Really Know Nothing at All

Life as I know it is a compilation of examples of many things, but more specifically, The Laws of Attraction. I teach it, live it and breath it. Or so I thought.

To Do Or Not To Do? Now That’s The Real Question

We all have times when we don’t know what to do. We struggle to know what the best course of action is. And we don’t know if we are doing the right thing, until things have progressed to the point where we can’t take the decision back.

Encourage Change to Come in to Your Life

Are you feeling very fed up with the way your life is? Would you really like things to be different? Are you so fixed in your regular daily routine that you can’t imagine how you could possibly change anything?

Why People Resist Emotional Healing

Victimhood is among the best copouts people employ to avoid facing their emotional issues. In this article I endeavor to explain some of the mechanics and ramifications of this potent strategy.

Be Aware of Messages That Control You and Harm Your Relationships

There are many messages that you have unconsciously internalized during childhood. As long as you are not aware of how they influence your attitudes and behaviors, you might harm your relationships. Becoming aware of those messages and neutralizing the power they exert over your attitudes and behaviors, enables you to behave and react with your partners in healthy and constructive ways.

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