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Emotional Cues That Things Need To Change

If you have a feeling, it has a root somewhere in your life. What are your emotional cues telling you and how can you listen and use your feelings to learn what needs to shift in your life?

Setting Your Mind to Activate the Law of Attraction

“I can do anything I set my mind to,” is an expression we often hear, and even repeat. However, when asked to clearly define what that means, very few people can. This article will help to crystallize the definition of this incredibly powerful statement.

Here’s How to Make Your Life a Whole Lot Easier

Many people today are trying to find ways to simplify their lives, de-stress, and just make their lives easier. If you happen to be one of them, I invite you to have a look at this article. It might be just what you need to accomplish that goal.

Life at 27

Mark Twain once said “All men die at 27, we just bury them at 72.” Today I turned 27 and this is my reflection on that quote.

What the Holidays Teach Us About Creating Our New Year

January always signals a time of new beginning; a new year, a few new resolutions and a new perspective as we gaze out at landscapes that may now appear to be cold and stark. It’s a good thing! Cold and stark is like a blank canvas. January is the perfect time to recapture the magic from the holidays barely behind us; the things that made us feel warm and happy, the things we embraced because these things are a reflection of who we are today, all of these are the beginnings of the picture you can paint on your blank canvas for the New Year.

Dreams and Fulfillment

Having a dream is not your responsibility but fulfilling that dream is your responsibility. Understand your intentions and bring them to reality.

Passion and Persistence Lead to Career Success

People who are passionate about their career are usually better able to achieve success. Passion is a very motivating factor.

Working With The “Violet Flame” To Assist With Your “DNA Activation” Journey/Detox

The process of ‘DNA Activation’ triggers a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual detox in those that choose such a path for self-healing and self-evolution… as you progress on your journey of self-mastery, you may find the ‘Violet Flame’ (as gifted to humanity by Ascended Master Francis/Saint Germain) to be a useful tool for clearing and balancing any negative energies associated with your fragmented body, whether from current or past lives. This article shares some insights on the process!

3 Steps To Overcoming Fear

Fears keep you in the background. In fact, it convinces you that you cannot make your dreams come true, it tells you to be quiet, and it even separates you from your loved ones.

Stop Looking and Be Still – Reflecting For Peace

Every person feels bewildered, stifled, and cut off from the greatness of accomplishing something grand. Whether it’s something that is personal or larger, losing and failure walk hand and hand in the human experience. This article provides key points for personal reflection as it relates to the peace in being still with life changes, and the benefits of halting the “hunt” for that next best thing in life.

Kaizen Yourself

During my reading in 2014 I tried to pull at least one piece of advice from every book, article, podcast, CD, or radio show. I wasn’t 100% successful and I don’t expect to be 100% successful implementing all of these perfectly this year. Even so, the principle of Kaizen is to make small improvements consistently over a long period of team. If I get a little better at something each day I know I will be better by the end of the year.

Learn to Be Wrong, You’ll Get More Out of Life

Everyone should be growing and seeking ways to improve. Sometimes you have to discover you’re wrong to be right.

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