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Pay the Small Price of Discipline Today

Discipline is a crucial concept on our path to realise the success we desire. Unfortunately the concept of discipline is misunderstood and we mistakenly confuse discipline with pain and discomfort. As you know we do everything in our power to avoid pain and to attract as much pleasure as possible. Would your negative feeling toward discipline change if you understood the true meaning of the word discipline was “to instruct or educate, to inform the mind, to prepare by instructing in correct principles and habits” Could you change your understanding about and feeling toward discipline, if you finally realised the true meaning of discipline and saw discipline as something that helps, guides and instructs, rather than something, which is difficult and causes pain.

How Do You Feel When Your Beliefs Are Challenged?

We all have our beliefs and opinions about myriad things in this world, ranging from religion to politics. What has shaped these beliefs can vary among us. Some have reached theirs through deep thought and thorough examination of their life experiences. Some have simply adopted beliefs handed down to them from others in their life and really never questioned their validity. How we react when we encounter other people who challenge our beliefs is quite revealing.

Learned a Long Time Ago to Fish Where the Fish Are At

Since I was a little boy running around the bay on Bellaire Beach with my Zebco 202 and listening to it sing when the Blue Cats bent the rod over the rail of the dock I knew that you had to go where the fist were at. If you didn’t start getting bites soon after you put the hook in many times they wouldn’t be biting at that time of the day.

10 Signs of Transformation

There is a significant difference between change and transformation. Change is ongoing whereas transformation is instantaneous. Change requires no preparation as it’s inevitable whereas one can only prepare and anticipate transformation.

How Comfortable Are You Feeling, Locked in Your Comfort Zone?

Is the familiarity of your current circumstances keeping you trapped in an uncomfortable place, where you do not like where you are, but the thought of taking the action necessary to change things is really daunting? Your days seem to blend, one into another, where what you do every day makes you miserable and even though you want to move your life in a different direction, you are trapped by inactivity. This place you have locked yourself in, is one of the biggest misnomers around; you call it your comfort zone, but it is probably one of the most uncomfortable places to be.

Wonderment 101

Have you ever watched a child at play? When I do I am reminded of the different ‘vision’ children possess that adults don’t. I call this vision ‘wonderment’. It is the uncanny ability to see common things in a new way, with imagination, and new eyes.

Say “NO” To Self Hate

We were conditioned to think that “there is something wrong with us.” And some of us went to the extreme into self-hatred. How do I know that?

Is There an App for That? Part IV: Congruency

Welcome to the final article of this four part series of Is there an app for that? We are discussing the components to an application for change. Today we are looking at the component of congruency.

You Can Always Choose Your Perspective

Sure, some experiences are certainly less pleasant than others. Certain things can happen to us that can shake things up a bit or make us fearful about the future. No matter what happens though, we always have the opportunity to shift perspective, to choose what to focus on. No doubt this is challenging at times, but making the effort to shift perspective when necessary is well worth the effort. It will help us in creating an energy conducive to getting what we want and will eliminate a lot of unnecessary suffering…

How the Subconscious Works, And Use With Subliminal Messages

By having knowledge of how the Subconscious works can be of benefit to you for a number of reasons. Indeed one useful reason is the fact that by having an understanding of how your mind works could allow you to get more out of life. people who have tended to be labelled as geniuses could in-fact have worked out how to use their mind more effectively. The fact is if you have a good understanding of how your mind works could lead you to achieving the things that you want to achieve with less effort. Perhaps the better that you understand and are able to use you mind more effectively might allow you to live the life of your dreams.

The Secret to Happiness: Discovering and Following Your Passion

It’s never too late to discover and follow your passion. True happiness comes from within. Once you discover your passion everything inside of you comes alive. This feeling is exhilarating and the realization of unveiling the real “YOU” is extremely exciting! Here’s what just happened: You have discovered the greatness within you!

Car For Sale – I Don’t Need It

It’s not usually until you have to go without something that you realise how much you rely on it. It’s hard to determine, in that moment, if you do actually need it or if in fact you just enjoy the convenience of it.

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