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Rituals for Celebration and Life

Rituals play an important role in our celebration of important events. The rituals surrounding Christmas and Hanukkah tend to pull like people together and acknowledge that a year has passed. Birthday celebrations similarly mark a passing, albeit in a smaller circle.

Balance – Knowing When To Speak And When Not To Speak

Those who know don’t speak. Those who speak don’t know. Close your mouth, dull your senses, smooth what’s sharp, untie all tangles, shut out all glare, wipe away all dust. This is your real Self.

Expect the Best in People

From time to time, I catch myself having a cynical or critical attitude towards people in general, because of the negative words or actions of only one, or possibly, a few people. Someone fails to meet my expectations, or puts me down, or ignores me, or inconveniences me, or lies to me, and before I know it I am thinking everybody is like that.

4 Steps To Getting Un-Stuck

The first part of getting un-stuck is perhaps recognising that you are stuck. Whilst this might seem quite easy for some people, it is indeed very challenging to the person who doesn’t recognise that they are stuck or the person that feels their being stuck is someone else’s fault.

Seven Steps to Overcoming Negative and Limiting Beliefs

For every common mental block we face in the workplace, there’s a root cause. Generally, it comes from some negative belief about yourself that you picked up way back in your past, such as ‘speak when you’re spoken to’ or ‘aiming too high leads to disappointment.’ Here are seven ways to transform those negative beliefs so you can be more successful at work-and overcome personal obstacles that hold you back from advancing in your career.

Helping Children Achieve More Despite The Odds

Sadly not every child will achieve great academic results so is there a way of helping children achieve more in life, even if they don’t shine academically? It is possible to help your child to succeed in other ways by referring them to positive role models and nurturing their own unique talents.

The Bible Gives Hope

Hopeless. This word describes so many people today. There are those who have actually taken their own lives because they have ‘lost hope’. People are wrestling with all kinds of situations and circumstances and some feel literally trapped in the things they are dealing with. They wonder if there is a way out of their dilemma. Hurt, frustrated, confused, these words all describe how they feel. In one word, hopeless. But, the truth of the matter is that there is always hope. There are always answers to the situations we face. And the Holy Bible has these answers.

My Way And The Highway, Or Madness To The Method

Some people think they have got The Way to solve our problems, make our lives better, increase our wealth, make more sales, run the country, and so forth. We should be wary of such. As leaders, we can come to understand what works for us and what doesn’t, regardless of what works or not for someone else or for a different company.

The Shoulds

There are things we should want to have, be, and do, even if we don’t. There are things that will make us happy and successful and we should want them in our lives. Other things we might want, that might possibly ruin our lives, we should not want.

Being Your Very Best

The very best in their homes love simplicity, in their hearts love what is deep, in their words love what is true, in friendship love what is gentle. The very best in their world love what is peaceful, in government love what is orderly, in deeds love what is right, in actions love what is timely.

Next Time Procrastination Stops You From Getting Something Done Answer These Two Questions

When you next find yourself locked in stillness, failing to move into action, answer the question “how long will it take me to do “this” (whatever it is that needs doing at the time). Then answer the question “how long will the hurt last if I don’t get this done in time”. It becomes much easier to get up and get at it when you’re focusing on the amount of pain “not acting” can bring.

Are You Tolerating Dream Bugs?

Identifying and eliminating tolerations is one pow-er-ful way to be intentional and free up valuable energy that could be better ‘spent’ to serve your greater vision. Here’s what you can do to help eliminate those dream bugs!

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