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Three No Nonsense Ways to Deal With Worry: A Mental Health Consultant’s View

To a degree, everyone worries, some people worry in nearly every situation. Whether things are good or bad, they worry that this situation would surely get worse. Understand that worrying is a drain on your energy and enthusiasm and if uncontrolled, it can be a terrible burden to your existence. How you handle worry can determine whether you are going to live a happy, normal life or one filled with neurosis and negativism. The good news is that any situation which can be used to generate worry can also be used to generate hope. Psychologist have found that worrying is simply a matter of choice unrelated to the event in our lives. In fact, some people experience worry more than 10 times as often as others, and, not surprisingly, they reduce their likelihood of happiness by 64%.

We Are Not Openminded

Do you consider yourself an open-minded person? Wait, think for a minute before you answer; okay now answer. I am guessing your answer is yes and most people you know will probably answer that question with a yes but allow me to give you something to think about that might change your answer.

How to Unlock Your Hidden Potential Through Diversity an Ancient African Way

If you have studied religion, mysticism, metaphysics, etc. and you still haven’t been able to unlock your hidden and divine potential. It may be because of how you are approaching the subject matter. It may be time to look at the matter from the ancient Egyptian or Kemetic/Kamitic spiritual perspective, in order to unlock your hidden potential.

5 Steps to Rewrite Your Story

Are you reading a situation through a faulty lens? Find out how to rewrite your story so it creates a greater outcome.

How to Start Balancing Your Life Instantly

Stress can be caused if your life is ‘off balance.’ When life is busy and keeping track of time is difficult, it is easy to find yourself not being able to focus on elements of your life which are important to you. Taking a bird’s eye view, your time and life becomes a parasol spinning, making you unable to focus your energy on the roles you play in life. The template I am about to show you will help you balance you life by considering each area in your life and giving you a visual representation of the way your life is at the moment. It will highlight to you the area which you have less influence in and the area you have more control and involvement in.

6 Misconceptions About Self-Awareness and Why It Is Important to Reverse Them

Many who fail in their attempts to cultivate a successful intimate relationship are afraid to develop Self-Awareness to understand what makes them fail. Their fear stems from many misconceptions they have about Self-Awareness. As long as they don’t free themselves from these misconceptions and develop awareness, they will keep sabotaging their relationships without knowing what they do wrong and how to change.

What to Do When You Feel Inferior

When knocks in life happen it can take a while for some people to recover. Over time those knocks can impact on confidence and result in feeling inferior to others. Why are some people able to cope with these situations, appear to be more resilient? Let’s look at ways to move on from such a negative outlook.

Harness the Power of the Mind by Thinking Outside the Square

We’ve all heard about ‘thinking outside the square’ many times. What is this square that this famous quote alludes too? Traditionally when presented with a problem we humans already have a programmed reaction of how we will respond. Basically it’s the ‘box’ that has been created for you by your past conditioning, usually by teachers, environment, parents, peers, media and so on. Of course this box isn’t real, it only exists in the mind.

Exist As Your True Self

When you become aware of yourself, you can begin to see what is real about yourself and what is false. By becoming your true self, you are able to find peace within yourself. True happiness and contentment can occur when there is no internal conflict between your true self and how you exist.

Work, Education and Free Time

These days there are very few jobs for life, you always have to be thinking one step ahead if you want to develop your career or job prospects. Take students gone are the days where you did your degree without having a job. Now there a 23 year old students studying MBAs and holding down full time jobs.

Existing In The Moment And Not In The Future

When we project ourselves forward in time, we alter our behavior now. We change how we feel based on what may be. We begin to think differently because of our thoughts about the future.

Everything Is Not Always About You

Do you find yourself disturbed by what other people think, say or do? Are you exasperated by the way that people seem to treat you? Does it seem like your life is outside of your control, more often than you would like? It could be that you suffer from the need to control or the need for approval. Seeking admiration from other people is something that we learn at an early age. We seem to have a real need for validation, in order to make us feel valued. The need for control also develops early in childhood, as nearly everyone is an authority in our lives. These two needs can leave you feeling as if everything is always about you.

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