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Self-Awareness, The Way To Greater Harmony and Balance In Your Daily Life

Currently, we are faced with a crisis in consciousness, both individually and collectively on a global scale. It is an auspicious moment in which we have each received a personal invitation that calls us to a higher order; a time in which our higher qualities can be further developed for the purpose of greater service. The key to this conscious growth is a better understanding of our core nature that comes through greater self-awareness.

John Dryden and the Importance of Our Behaviors

Why are you as you are? To what do you owe that which you call your self and your life? Too many overlook the force and effect of habits within their lives.

Do You Ask “Am I Good Enough?”

Are you good enough? There are things that make us feel that we are not good enough, tall, smart, old, young etc. Now, the question is “How often to think that about yourself?” And have you stopped to ask yourself, “Enough in comparison to what? If your evidence is not tangible and something that you can’t touch, I would challenge you to ask yourself if this evidence is real or a creation of your mind? “What is the learning or the message here? What would your life be like if you didn’t have this belief about yourself? What do you do next? How do you create the person that is enough? Start to dream…..!!!! Create a gap skill analysis for yourself. Imagine yourself as the future you, behaving in the way that is just right, feeling so good. Then ask yourself; “What do I have to do and who do I have to become so that I can achieve this?” Allow yourself to become that person day by day, that person who is always “enough”. Allow your day and your life to be filled with wonder, so that you can have a wonderful day.

The Impactful Requirements of Personalization of Care

The personalization of care is a special program that is aimed to offer certain communities to choose and control the types of care and support available to maintain a quality lifestyle despite the shortcomings in the individuals. Involved parties Several groups of individuals can participate in this specialized area of personalization of care. At the forefront is the Government with its personalization agenda program which aims to achieve the objective set out in bountiful choices on the types of care and support programs available to suit the individual’s lifestyle and learning capabilities.

Having a Heart – For Others, For Yourself

How does changing yourself change your view of the world? How does it change your relationship to others? When one changes, one realizes quickly: that when you change your self, you gain a heart.

Fail-Safe Ways to Make and Keep Promises and Resolutions

Do you want to make and keep promises and resolutions nearly 100% of the time? What I reveal is practical neuroscience-based, takes little time and the results are extraordinarily fast. This method requires less effort, less personal willpower and time than traditional methods. Besides, there is no guilt involved with this safe and sure-fire method. It’s simply not enough to state an intention, perhaps write it down on an index card, and believe that the change will miraculously occur. This is why most people fail.

Why Should I Forgive? The Origin of a New Year’s Resolution

I’ve been asked why I’m passionate about teaching forgiveness. It’s because all religious, spiritual and metaphysical roads I’ve traveled have led me here, to this one Truth borrowed from A Course In Miracles: I forgive others for my own peace of mind. In my late twenties I read the Bible, the Old and New Testament, for the first time.

How To Use Nature In Guided Imagery

Guided meditation and guided imagery scripts thrive on images of nature. The relaxing feelings we enjoy when we’re in nature can be readily captured in a good meditation script, and relayed to the listener.

Conflict Resolution Skills Keeping the Workplace Peaceful

One of the unfortunate truths about life is that 99% of the population has to hold a stable job in order to financially support themselves and their families. And since most people are not fond of the jobs they hold, work can be stressful even in the best of situations.

How to Stop Worrying and Start Looking for Ways to Address Your Concerns

Worrying is completely different from concern which is a normal part of a rational thought progression; concern is what allows us to foresee possible eventualities that can lead to difficulties. When a concern is raised in the brain, the next logical step is to make plans and preparations that will help us to be better equipped should our concerns be realized in the future. However it is not uncommon for the mind to deviate from a rational thought pattern and wander off towards worrying ideas.

Brain Wave Entrainment Can Change How You Really Are

Our personality is formed from an accumulation of life experience. Brain wave entrainment can remove unconscious blocks that are not serving our best interests, and by doing so, can change our personality for the better.

Meditation And Consciousness

About 3 million people a month type the word Meditation into the Google. Fair enough. But did you know that only 2400 people a month, in the whole world, type in the words Meditation and Consciousness into the search engines? This is pretty surprising when you consider that meditation has a direct, proven and positive impact on your consciousness.

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