Transmute Your Ego to Manifest Success in Life | The One Time Your Ego May Actually Help You..

How to Use Imagery for Coming Up With Great Ideas

Using imagery is a powerful intuitive technique which creative women can use in creative projects as well as in other spheres of life for problem-solving. Imagery Explained – Imagery entails the use of symbols, scenes, or images for fostering intuitive creative thought.

Embrace Transformation

It takes a strong desire, hard work and a lot of dedication to make a positive change in your life. It Just takes ONE single thought followed by a positive action for the transformation process to begin.

Understanding Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

We are all familiar with general intelligence (IQ). How many of us know anything about Emotional intelligence (EQ)? Emotional intelligence is the capacity to identify, apply, empathize and manage emotions in positive ways to communicate effectively, understand others, fight challenges, relieve stress and resolve conflict in an intelligent manner.

Develop Your Personality and Communication Skills!

People, in general, are always looking forward to improving their personality and better their communication skills. And, rightly so. The term is used abundantly and its importance in everyday life cannot be underestimated.

Hands That Raise Us Up

Somehow in spite of our best efforts we all meet up with a not so good friend called ‘Trouble.’ He springs from the shadows unannounced leaving a trail of burdens that don’t feel like they belong to us; yet they have arrived and aren’t inclined to leave easily. At times like these we search for a bridge over troubled water, a path back to our normal; a lasting solution. When we can’t see the way out or through, we stop and do nothing; it’s the human response to things that overwhelm us. When we don’t know what to do, we do nothing.

Signs Are All Around Us

I’ve seen many signs in my life. Some were small, some were life changing. They are all around us. They’re in the stories that we read and in the songs that we hear. They can be spelled out on the news or suggested in the clouds. They can be as subtle as a whisper or as blatant as a slap in the face.

Meaning of Socialisation

Socialization is the process by which children and adults learn from others. We begin learning from others during the early days of life; and most people continue their social learning all through life (unless some mental or physical disability slows or stops the learning process).

The Joys of Living With a Purpose

When one thinks of living life with a purpose, it may seem as though it is only about working towards that purpose, and that you cannot be happy or joyful in your pursuit. It might even make you feel anxious or pressured about achieving your purpose-leaving a sense of failure if you feel as though you have fallen short. This is actually quite far from the case-it is actually in finding and achieving our purpose that we can find joy in what we do, both ordinary and extraordinary.

All the Lonely People – Where Do They All Come From?

Suicide and psychic hotlines are filled with stories of the utter despair lonely people endure every day. Lonely people are always searching for the reason why they can’t connect with others, typically believing something must be wrong with them. They reach out and seemingly no one responds. They watch as other around them make friends easily, are popular and in demand socially, driving them further into a protective shell filled with doubt and pain.

Meaning of Human Nature

WHAT sort of creature is the human? The obvious answer is a smart, talkative, upright ape with a penchant for material possessions. But what about the more subtle concept of human nature? That is more controversial. Fundamentally speaking, are humans good or bad? It’s a question that has repeatedly been asked throughout humanity. For thousands of years, philosophers have debated whether we have a basically good nature that is corrupted by society, or a bad nature that is kept in check by society. Psychology has uncovered some evidence which might give the old debate a twist.

Warning: Quarter-Life Crisis Ahead

We all hit roadblocks on the path called life, but are we alone? No, and here is some science to back that up.

Up High Where We Belong

The birth of Jesus Christ is the most heralded event in the history of mankind. More than 2,000 thousand years later we still celebrate His birth and mourn the death of a humble carpenter from Bethlehem whom we recognize today as our Savior. We still feel the pain of losing Him and seek to make sense of the brutality of the death of a gentle and loving man who altered the course of the planet. Still, so many questions…

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