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Beware Of The Comfort Zone

Too many people spend a major proportion of their lives clamouring for safety and security and sit tight within their comfort zones and do not risks or challenge themselves on a regular basis. Unfortunately that is also why too many people are unsatisfied with their lives and regret deeply in their later years. If you ask any of the older men and women what they regret the most and almost all of them would tell you that they regret the chances they didn’t take rather than the risks they took.

You Should Welcome Mistakes and Failure in Your Life

Mistakes really are the cornerstones of accomplishment. Many people have heard the saying, two steps forward, and one step back. This statement has a lot of validity and meaning to it. Usually, when you are taking one step back it means you have made what we call a mistake. Just around the corner is two steps forward, which means you will see progress, were right around the corner.

Male Midlife Crisis

Male midlife crisis, or rather what Happiness After Midlife prefers to call male midlife transition manifests itself via many symptoms such as becoming easily angered, becoming frustrated, feelings of anxiety, and a lot of hypersensitivity. Those going through male midlife crisis, or transition, could be any age, not just midlife. There’s a hot debate on whether or not it is just a psychological disorder or due to hormones. Many men start to ask themselves…

Are You Borderline Civilised? 24 Ways to Recognise Beastly Behaviour in You and Me

How do you react when you observe beastly behaviour in others? There is that saying “he/she was beastly to me” which is an acknowledgment in itself of the way people act on occasion. You are so very quick to label others “animal behaviour” because you believe that you are better “than” them but you are not! The “beast” is just below the surface waiting for an opportunity to show itself and it is glaringly obvious when you honestly observe your daily interactions particularly with children and those closest to you. It is time to stamp out this brutish, ugly, counter-productive and counter-intuitive attitude!

How Simpleology Changed My Life

I have started working with Mark Joyner’s Simpleology program in may 2010. And I have experienced the most life changing period of my life. This article will not sell you anything more than my story. You will not find any links at the bottom and I am not going to ask you to visit Simpleology or start the program yourself. All I want to do is tell you what I have experienced using this program and how it changed my life.

Midlife Crisis Symptoms

The age at which midlife crisis symptoms ensue varies from one individual to the next, although the average age was discovered to be 46 in men and women. However, the length of time when midlife crisis lasts will vary in men (3 to 10 years) and women (2 to 5 years). First introduced into mainstream consciousness by Elliot Jacques in 1965, the term midlife crisis (we at Happiness After Midlife prefer to use the term “midlife transition”) refers to a period of dramatic self-doubt experienced during the middle age of life.

Making It Real

Drop into the awareness of your breath, the sensation of your body as it settles into the chair, and any thoughts and feelings that arise. Simply notice. Open your heart to an even deeper awareness of what is there for you as you relate to the ‘other’ in front of you who is essentially ‘you’.

How to Move Forward Right Now

This article tells you how to know what to do in any given moment. It helps you maintain momentum with the changes you’re making in your life.

Patience Is The Key To Happiness

The directions we choose in life, the educational choices we make, the car we drive, the house we live in, even the people we choose to make part of our lives, such as our wives, husbands and friends all have some intricate relationship to the degree of patience we have. Too much patience and the term “analysis paralysis” and “lack of action” become the model; too little patience and “reckless” and “impetuous” become the mantra to which we are held.

Don’t Accept Change, Embrace Change

Change is very difficult for people. However, if we choose to not only accept change, but also embrace change, our lives will become much easier. Knowing that we have the ability to control and change our lives is a very powerful tool in our arsenal of self help.

Abuse Is In The Past – Live For The Future Through Personal Growth And Self Development

Victims of Abuse can suffer a lifetime. Don’t remain a victim. Learn positive ways to improve your life through personal growth and self development. You are a special part of humanity. What you have to offer this world no one else but you can offer.

Personal Development Plans – Guide Yourself To Success

In today’s hugely competitive working environment, it is no longer acceptable for employees to confine their careers to the typical 9-5 daily grind. These days, workers are expected to own, develop and realize a Personal Development Plan (PDP). But what is a PDP and how can it be used to achieve success?

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