Today I Will Be My Best ~ 10 Minute Guided Meditation

Rainwater Is Needed for Fresh Flowers: How Do Our Life’s Challenges Compare to This?

We know for a flower to grow, blossom and remain fresh, rainwater does a lot of good. How does this compare to our life’s challenges? Can you relate? Look inside to find out.

True-Self: Why Do Some People Find Their True-Self When They Get Older?

While some peoples early years were a time when they were given the support that they needed to develop into a well-adjusted adult, there are others that don’t have the same experience. This could mean that they were supported from time to time, or it may have been something that rarely, if ever, took place.

5 Things I’ve Learned From Flowers

Flowers are more than their captivating beauty. Their artistry can touch hearts and inspire souls.

Importance of Communication

In today’s generation, it is preferred to move on and not deal with a problem than to communicate. Communication is the most important skill a man possesses. It is the one skill that can save or break relationships- be it personal or official.

Going To Work On Purpose – How Do We Actually See Things?

As we see in Genesis 1:26, God created us in His image, “we are to have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the wild animals of the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth”. As Ian Hart puts it, “Exercising royal dominion over the earth as God’s representative is the basic purpose for which God created us. Humans are given authority over creation, responsible to God the ultimate king, and as such expected to manage and develop and care for creation, this task to include actual physical work.

How to Wiggle Out of the Mud! – 3

Seven Sources of Self-Confidence – If God himself could give you a report on how much raw untapped talent lies within you, you would be embarrassed to ever whine or complain again. No matter how stuck in the mud you may be today, you have the capacity to summon empowering emotions, to imagine remarkable goals, and to make choices in this present moment that will change your life forever, and it all starts in your mind. You must develop underlying core beliefs that “I can do…

3 Key Ways To Combat Fear

One of the things that stops us from living the kind of life we want to live is fear. When we learn how to combat fear, we start to open doors for ourselves. We develop the strength to take risks and put ourselves out there without worrying excessively about how we look, what others think or looking foolish. This article looks at ways of combating fear in order that we can move forward and live our ideal lives. Try these simple tips for combating your own fears:

The Art of Disappointing!

Disappointing someone is not always fun! In this brief self reflecting article, Linda describes what disappointing others means to her, an opportunity to experience freedom.

Being Busy Or Productive?

What’s the difference between being busy and being productive? Massive difference. When you’re busy, most of the time you’d find yourself feeling drained, getting caught up, tangled mentally and emotionally, and often dragging your feet across the mud doing them. That’s why you “feel” busy.

Turning Weakness Into Strength

The most powerful and effective way I know of turning your weakness into strength is through self-language. When you make this shift in your mind from the negative to the positive, this is the beginning of growth and positive changes in your business.

Crafting Life & Character With Quality Thoughts

So what are old stubborn habits and beliefs anyway? Are they just habits that are growing stronger and harder to get rid off, along with the length of time ageing along with you, year after year? They’re simply a handful of old thoughts you’ve built around your life that doesn’t serve you well, or haven’t done so for a very long time, clinging on to your skin like swamp leeches.

Guess How Much I Love You

How often do we express our love with the people around us? How often do we practice loving every single day, with all the small little opportunities around for us to love? How often do we forget?

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