This Meditation will Guide You Into A State That Can Only Be Described As An Out of Body Experience

Have You Thought About Volunteering in Your Community: It’s A Great Thing To Do

There are many ways to give back to your community and volunteering is one of them. When you give of your time you are giving time to people in need. You gain a sense of satisfaction from doing what you can to enrich another’s life. Feed a Need The local food pantry is always in need of donations. You can form a group that calls local restaurants and grocery stores to ask what is available that day to be picked up. This way, the restaurants keep their extras and donate them instead of throwing the food away. If you prefer, you can offer to pick up the donated foods and spend your time driving around and thanking the restaurants first hand. Many grocery stores will also donate food that has just gone past its due date. Taken straight to a food pantry, it can be used that very night.

How to Make Progress When You Feel Stuck in Life?

Feeling stuck? Making no progress? It can be tough, but there is a way to break out of the dry spell and its easier than you think. Click to find out how.

What Is This Thing Called Fair?

Oftentimes we hear “that’s not fair,” or “life’s not fair.” This article is to help the reader understand that fair isn’t about everybody getting the same thing… fair is everybody getting what they need in order to be successful.

Consistency Versus Perfection: Can You See The Difference?

The parallels between golf and life are limitless. Are you familiar with the phrase that golf is ninety percent mental? Have you also heard that most of us only use ten percent of our mental capacity in our everyday lives? In this article, we look at the distinction between consistency and perfection as it relates to your self-confidence and ultimately the ability to improve in golf and life.

6 Universal Life Lessons I Learned While Surfing In the Philippines

Everybody knows this rare moment when the perfect insight hits you and suddenly everything clicks and makes sense. I had six of these insights while surfing some waves in the Philippines and I found out that they are universal principles, which apply not only to surfing, but also health, wealth, love and happiness!

The Power Of Language

One of the best habits you can have is to exude passion and excitement when you speak. Words and how we speak them, have a powerful influence in one’s pursuit of success in life.

4.4: Proceed Forward – Improves Your Skills

“How many hours must a flight student fly before he can solo?” I asked my flight-instructor brother. “Around 17 hours of training and he or she must make at least 50 take-offs and landings.

Too Busy to Take a Holiday From Work?

Amazingly 19 million days of annual leave are lost every year in the UK through staff being too busy, afraid of losing control, concerned at what others might think! And yet taking a break is an important way of recharging our batteries and committing to better health.

Mother Of All Problems

Success in life depends on several aspects like education, friendship, intelligence, sincerity, etc. However, the lack of initiative spoils the life, even though a person possesses good education and other attributes.

How to Overcome a Co-Dependent Relationship

Since co-dependent relationships are not healthy for you, why is it so hard to extricate yourself? Why is it so difficult to get out of a situation that is harmful to you? Well, we all hate change, even if that change may be for the better. And if you’ve been in a co-dependent relationship your whole life, it is all you know. It’s what you’re comfortable with.

How Long Do You Persevere?

If you persevere you will succeed. It seems like a simple enough idea, yet perseverance is a word that conjures up images of pain, struggle and despair. When is it time to continue on, no matter what versus throwing in the towel?

Tips for Starting Your Reiki or Healing Practice That Can Save You Years of Struggle (Part II)

In my last article we covered seven tips on the basics of start-up — from setting up a business checking account, getting business cards and a table, to deciding your pricing and where you will practice. In this article, while still in the first level of your business building, we will go a little deeper into some of the topics that will help you to really focus in on your message and your ideal client so you can make your dream of having a healing practice come true with more grace and ease. Set up a Basic…

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