This is Why You Can’t Find Love | 3 Ways to Reprogram Your Mind for Love Today! [Law Of Attraction]

Will You Shrink Or Expand

Is there a voice in your head that makes you hold back from giving it your all because you’re afraid you won’t make it – and then you will have wasted your precious time, energy and efforts? I get it – I’ve been there. I too had that nagging voice in my head – I just learned not to listen to it – to turn down the volume and…

How to Find Your Inner Obstacles to Changing Your Habits in Minutes

Do you want to stop smoking, lose weight, pass tests, or ice skate like a pro? Has it seemed impossible for you? It’s either that you haven’t found a good way that works – or there’s something inside of you that’s in the way. Here’s a way to find the inner obstacles in minutes. You may have deep-seated fears – fears of not being good enough or fears of failure or fears of alienating family members who expect the status quo. And some people are concerned that they’ll have to work too hard to accomplish their dreams, and so they often opt subconsciously to stay the same. There are often guardians at the gates of success for you that have been in your way. But here’s a powerful key to open the door.

Your Blind Spot: What Is It Costing You?

Even if you have a hard time admitting that you do, you probably have a friend who has one. You know – that friend who just doesn’t see the elephant in their room? I have a friend like that. She was at the top of her game in the fashion industry until one day she wasn’t. It seemed that it happened over night, but it was a slow erosion of little things over many years until one day it all caught up with her…

Big “I”, Little “I”: The Real, Honest To Goodness, Miraculous, Perfected YOU

It seems we are always searching for ways to improve upon ourselves. We fill our minds with as many books, seminars, workshops, CDs, movies, lectures, radio & TV shows, programs, blogs and more to overflowing. We exercise and eat the right foods to strengthen our body, practice meditation to quiet our mind, and yoga to nourish mind, body and soul. Like our upside-down external world, we sometimes approach the spiritual the same way and do things from the outside in, not the inside out.

Professional Development: 5 Ways To Dynamise Your Success

Everyone would like to be successful and as long as the boundaries are carefully drawn there is no reason why most people should not achieve this status. Knowing your limits and accepting them will mean there will not be unrealistic hopes raised and with both personal growth and professional development the targets can be reached.

How to Overcome the Need to Please Others

Do you get enjoyment out of anticipating someone’s need which you think will make them happy and then investing time meeting that need without being asked? Do you often feel drained of your energy but keep working anyway because they need you to help? Do you spend countless moments replaying conversations and rehearsing new ones trying desperately to figure out what someone else wants? If so, you may have an unhealthy need to please others.

Professional Development: What Really Works?

The first thing to do when setting out ways for professional development is to make a plan. This can start of by just listing what you are hoping to achieve and how soon you hope to get there.

Trapped – Is There No Way Out?

Life comes with changes, but what about the change that you created on purpose? It’s the type of change that pushes you towards being the person you believe yourself to be. What happens when that change has you feeling trapped and hopeless?

Professional Development – 7 Powerful Guidelines to Success

The following 7 powerful guidelines will show you how to improve all areas of your life and give you an insight into all the things that you can do to get personal development and professional development. 1) Make sure that your personal goals are not in conflict with professional ones. If you can have them running alongside each other a success in one area will impact on other areas of your life.

Consciousness, Health, and Small Fundamental Changes

I’m not someone who has ever been very good at staying healthy. Throughout my 23 years, I have always preferred: sitting at the computer vs. going out to play basketball, eating a Big Mac vs. a tuna salad, and taking a nap vs. going for a nature walk.

Two Letters On Growth Through The Lens Of Gratitude

Growth The ability to acknowledge experience, reflect and shift. It is embracing the self as a sculpture that is constantly molding and shifting into something more beautiful, more defined and more honest than the day before: utilizing our experience as a personalized teaching tool, letting go, forgiving self and being better because of it. We have all undergone moments that replay in our minds 1000 times over, reliving, scrutinizing every choice.

Professional Development – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People was published back in 1989. Stephen Covey wrote this self help and personal development book and it has had phenomenal sales. Since it was first published there have been sales of over 15 million and it has been translated into 38 languages. In 2004 it was re released. The lynchpin of Coveys book is the fact that people need to align themselves to “true north” and he believes that this is a characteristic that is timeless.

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