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How To Reinvent Yourself When Your Life Stalls

Right up until my early twenties I was going to be an accountant. Well at least that was my Dad’s wish. When that didn’t quite work out I thought that being a share broker would be OK. But the pay was lousy so I had to reinvent myself into becoming a real estate agent. So I’ve had a few re-incarnations. Here’s what I think can help.

Are You Settling for Less Than You Want?

When we’re young, the world seems limitless. We pretend to be cowboys or princesses, all the while believing anything we want is possible. Then, as we age, we usually lose sight of our passions and dreams. We wake up one day to realize we’ve settled for less than what we truly want and need. What do we do then?

Change Is Inevitable, Growth Is Optional

The most predictable thing about life is that nothing stays the same. But you always have the opportunity to consciously choose your course of action in the midst of change and that’s what leads to growth.

Make Yourself Comfortable, But Not Too Comfortable

People should not get too comfortable. When we’re comfortable, we’re not accomplishing much.

Slinkies: An Analogy for Personal Growth

Consider the slinky. In an undisturbed state it is a fixed, coiled object. However when it is expanded it takes on many forms, and can move in the most interesting ways. The expansion provides for possibility and potential. Interestingly enough, it cannot expand of its own accord. A force must act upon it for its potential to be realized. Without that force, it returns to being fixed in place.

How to Make the Universe Give You What You Want

Can you make the universe give you what you want? I mean, it’s the universe! It’s a lot bigger than you are, right?

Attaining Harmony

Attaining Harmony requires the personal attributes of being congruent, being consistent & being agreeable. When I am being congruent, consistent & agreeable, I am in harmony with my Self.

My Life Is A Mess

Ever feel that your life is a mess? Things don’t seem to work out, no matter how hard you try. Well you’re not alone. Many people feel this way from time to time. In fact I’ve been thinking like this lately myself. I’ve been reflecting over some of my life events and have been thinking that my life is a bit of a mess.

Does Money Matter?

A thread in poses this interesting question. Yes, money does matter. By how much it matters in our lives or how much money one needs to make it matter, is difficult to tell. Individuals have different needs.

Change Leadership Part 1 – Know Thyself!

This article is the first of three looking at how to improve your effectiveness as a Change Leader. Know yourself, know your team, and know your stakeholders!

You’re A Creative Whiz!

As children we have no problem with creativity. As adults it tends to wane and leave us bored and boring. Yet it can be revitalized. Here are seven things you can do to regain your creativity and live life with joy and meaning.

Quieting Your Personal Demons

Demons howl when they’re in pain. Quieting your personal demons means alleviating their pain. What do we normally do when faced with internal pain like this? We try to run. But as the old saying goes, you can run, but you can’t hide.

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