These movies are all real!!

For My Broken Heart

Broken hearts have real physical pain. Few hearts survive intact when someone you love is snatched from your life through death or even a personal decision to leave. And so, you experience the breaking apart of your emotional center stemming from a loss that seems unbearable. Something you believed was forever ends abruptly leaving in its wake a pain that you have never felt before.

Improve With the Help of Personal Development Courses!

Most people will tell you that no matter how old you are, how established you are, you can still improve with the help of personal development courses. There is always a room for everyone to improve. But also there are many people who don’t agree with this and are of the opinion that such courses are useless and a waste of time.

How to Grow Wiser Instead of Older? Let These Three Tips Show You How to Trick Time!

We all grow old at one point, it just happens and we normally can’t stop ourselves from growing old. At least, that’s what most people think, but there is a way to somehow trick time and instead of simply just growing old, we grow wise as well.

One Exercise To Live Life On Purpose

One Exercise For Living Life On Purpose – This one exercise may sound a bit odd, even terrible to some, but it can be a life changing tool. What is it? Planning Your Own Funeral. If you begin with the end in mine, this can give you a road map to run on for all of your life. This is the narrative of your life story, and is one that only you can write.

Candid Assertions

It might seem peculiar, but true, that a simple assertion might give your quiescent life, a fresh yet favorable makeover. This is the best way to stand up and speak for yourselves so as to make your voices heard.

Dream Or Do?

Most people have a dream, an image of how they would like their life to be. Why is it that most of them never realize that dream?

Adopting a Mindset of Personal Growth

In life we find ourselves at an ultimatum to fight or flight from fear, the trouble is that there are six different fears that appear unexpectedly daily. To grow and reach our potential we need to face these fears head on. We become stronger and better with every challenge we face. Pain gives us strength, fears help us discover courage, experience makes us wise and life is an ever changing teacher. Here are tools to help you and guide you through growth. This article also challenges your current mindset to start adopting the idea which will then lead to a chosen life of personal growth. To live to our fullest is to grow daily because if we remain still, our life becomes dull, purposeless and unexciting.

How To Work Towards Your Vision

Do you wake up wishing you were someone else or your life was in a different direction? Do you wake up with a purpose or thinking is this it? Do you wake up with energy and excitement to start the day? Do you have a dream or a vision that seems impossible? Would you go after it if I told you that actually it is possible and it is your thinking process that creates limitations and not your abilities? This articles purpose is to break your thinking process of impossibilities and to give your mind some truth of possibilities. You will need to commit to your vision but with these tools you can find yourself one step closer to your dreams. We live once so why not work towards all we desire!

Make the New Year About You and Not Others!

At the end of every year we sit and reflect on not just our achievements but also the moments we shed our tears, experienced pain, failed to reach a certain goal, broken relations etc. We tend to enter the New Year with hope of change but usually at the end of the year we end up disappointed and feeling as though it was a wasted year. This article is to put a stop to that and break the thinking process of typical cliches we do not realise we are following. It is about starting the year with goals that will make you happy, make a difference to your life and have a huge impact on yourself as a person. A year of goals that is achievable and not impossible. It is so much easier physically and mentally using these tools. Try it this year (you have nothing to lose) and see the difference. I use these tools and already daily I feel a fire burning because in small steps I know I am leading myself to my dreams. You deserve that to!

Beyond The Breath of Life

What happens to the breaths that you exhale; are they still your breaths? What if you could see energy and could follow the path that they take. Maybe they did not know that you cared and were able to follow their path, but you know. Because you care and can see and control energy, you might move things that would destroy each breath out of harm’s way, or even move other breaths into a path where they would merge because they make each other better in some way. But wouldn’t that breath eventually dissolve into nothingness you may wonder? It would exist within the energy force that you created; one that has boundaries determined by a magnetic force of energy you have carefully placed to ensure that it does survive and thrive. Is this how God’s first breath of life to each of us may be perceived?

Peaceful Living

In my opinion, peaceful living means such a lifestyle that gives one, a feeling of being happy from within, having solace in the spirit and the satisfaction of living a fulfilled life. However, having a glance at the world we realize that this world is in serious trouble. There is a continual crumbling of principle, virtue, integrity, and religious values-the foundation stones of civilization and definitive ingredients of peace and happiness.

Meaningful Living

Our life is a process of self-generated, goal-directed action-action that, because we have free will, is generated by us toward goals chosen by us. The meaning of our life is a function of the goals we choose to pursue-that is, our purposes.

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