There’s No Need To Worry (Guided Meditation)

Easy Way to Change Your Perception of the World

If our beliefs are the magical key to getting what we want, what happens when our own beliefs sabotage us? The beliefs passed on to us by our parents, grandparents, teachers and friends. The beliefs that were ingrained in our subconscious minds since we were small children. Some of these beliefs are buried so deep in our subconscious mind that we don’t even realize they are there. When we attempt to use the Law of Attraction principles these beliefs appear as blocks to our goal.

Manners, Aikido, and Ki Moments

In a recent Wall Street Journal editorial, columnist Peggy Noonan discussed the disappearance of manners in our culture. The article was provoked by news stories of Steven Slater, the JetBlue flight attendant whose claim to fame is the rudeness with which he addressed passengers at their arrival gate before taking the emergency chute to the tarmac and driving home. Peggy’s article got me thinking about manners, ki moments, and the contribution we each make in creating our culture.

Getting Wrong Right!

We doubt our abilities and motives. This alone can be enough to kill our dreams. Shame and self-pity makes you want to lock all the doors, pull down the shutters and never show your face again.

Deconstructing Limiting Beliefs And Stop Holding Yourself Back

I’ve recently been working with several coaching clients who have been identifying and blasting through some of their limiting beliefs. A belief is something that we accept as true. We don’t question it. A belief has the power to keep us stuck where we are or to take us to where we want to go.

Falling in Love With the (Tail) Wind

When things get scary I have a natural instinct to run away. I can list many examples of this during my twenty’s and thirties! So I took advantage of my busy schedule and offered to do lots of foreign business travel. Things didn’t seem as painful when I was thousands of miles away. Experiencing new places like Rio had many exciting distractions to stop me thinking about my broken life back home.

What To Do If Your Mother Has Borderline Personality?

If your mother has borderline personality it means that you may know very well what is it to live with a parent who is emotionally unstable, who gets angry for no obvious reasons, who tends to think only in black and white. Many studies and real-life experience proved that this personality disorder can be traced back one way or other to childhood abuses, traumas, or ill-treatments.

What Is the Difference Between Counselling and Psychotherapy?

‘Counselling’ is usually the term given to shorter interventions, which may be for a fixed period of say, six or ten weeks. The term ‘therapy’ is usually used where the intervention goes on for longer, often many months or even years.

If You Don’t Take Control Over Your Life Someone Else Will

Having a direction and awareness of your life is important to become a creator of your own life. Without that we fall in someone’s else plans and live our life as a victim.

Can You Predict Human Behaviour?

Can a person predict human behaviour from just a few observable actions? Yes they can. Such information is good to know when doing business deals, selecting a partner, and working out who to trust.

If You Want to Change Your Life, You Have to Change Your Life

We are the architect of our own future. In order to make a better and brighter lifestyle, we need to change internally. Only positive internal change will make a permanent shift in life. This change is a journey, not a destination. The more we change and grow, the richer the rewards become.

Secret To Self Improvement And Harnessing Self Help Advice

Some people dream of success, others wish for it while others go for it and yet this is the determining factor in achieving self improvement. Dreamers stay in bed and dream one dream after another but achievers…

Self Worth Building – Hearing What Your Life Has To Say

Valorie Burton wrote a book entitled “Listen To Your Life”. This book is guide to help your find your unique path to extraordinary success. Valorie says, “The best answers always come when we pose questions that get to the core of an issue.” If this statement is true, I have a question to pose to you. What is your life saying to you? However, my question is about the unique path to finding you. What is it saying to you about your levels of contentment, worth and peace?

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