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And They Say I’m Crazy

I’m not bragging, but I have been in therapy on and off for 25 years. I won’t bore you with all the reasons except these few..

Emotional Awareness: Is Emotional Awareness An Important Part Of Letting Go Of Grudges?

There are going to be moments when one looks back and remembers someone who treated them well and then there are going to be moments when this isn’t the case. This could mean that one looks back and ends up feeling angry and this may not only relate to one person, it could relate to a number of people.

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Millenials

Parents rarely get a glimpse into how people of our generation can share truths with Millennials, young adults in their teens and twenties. Here are the truths that I share with them in my work. Share it with a Millennial you love! Happy new year!

When A Flee Bargain Is Better Than a Plea Bargain

Plea bargains are an effort to smooth the water or make a situation more palatable to us; in court we trade a plea of guilty for a reduced sentence. In life we trade off something we thought was near and dear to us to ‘come together’ on an issue or situation. Even if it tastes bitter to us, we have agreed to go along to get along with someone. Sometimes it is far better if we opt for a flee bargain and just decide to let go and get gone from whatever has caused us to decide we must negotiate. When is a flee bargain the better deal?

4 Things That Impact How You See Yourself, And Why

How can you possibly do your best, or become meaningful, effective or significant, if you do not consider yourself worthwhile, and/or deserving of the best results? One of our greatest challenges is often our lack of self – belief, or placing enough value on what we represent, do, strive for, or maintain as our objectives or direction. While nearly everyone would agree in general terms (also known as, when it pertains to others) that unless we believe in ourselves, no one else will, we rarely witness individuals who actually proceed through life on a consistent basis, with this as…

The Alternative

Having a look at my word processor’s thesaurus, there are many words on alternative to choose from. From all those words to choose from, I would choose an adjective called ‘unusual.’ The reason why I choose unusual is because it is unusual, or different. When people hear that you live an unconventional life, they treat it with suspicion. You do not really get much of that in this world, and people are not used to it. And people would treat you as if you are doing something like robbing a bank, whereas you are doing nothing wrong, you are merely living your life differently.

Savoring the Moments to Live Your Life on Purpose

Sometimes we allow ourselves to be overcome by fear and anxiety, leading us to miss out on things we want and settle for things we don’t. We allow life to pass us by unless we are willing to face those fears and take the journey to overcome them.

Teaching Doctors How to Say I’m Sorry

Seven years ago, on a hill overlooking Portland, I taught fifteen medical students how to apologize. It wasn’t part of their curriculum. It wasn’t why I was invited to speak.

The Real Reason Your “Shoes Don’t Fit”

Ray’s feet hurt like hell, and he didn’t know why. “My right foot has gotten scraped so much, it’s starting to bleed,” he told me with a painful grimace on his face. I looked down at his running shoes.

Act In An Instant

At certain times in life, it’s important to act in an instant-even if the results will be less than ideal. Consider the story of how I shaved my head for good.

Getting Unstuck: The Vending Machine Incident

I once got my arm stuck inside of a vending machine. The scene of the crime was Camp Geneva in Wisconsin. I was six.

10 Top Tips To Put Old on Hold

Nobody stays young and anyone who says you can is selling snake oil. However, you can stay enviably youthful with my top ten tips to Put Old On Hold. They work for me and will work for you.

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