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Assumptions, Misunderstanding And Mixed Messages

Ever sent a mixed message to someone? Received one? Ever made an assumption? Ever had a misunderstanding? If you answered no to any of these you are living in denial. Everyone from time to time or frequently is guilty of sending confusing and often contradictory messages causing any number of communication breakdowns that can lead to stress, frustration, anxiety, doubt, guilt and even anger.

7 Winning Ways to Reduce Stress and Wait Less

Are you sick of waiting… to hear back about a job offer; for a customer to buy your product or service; to see if your child’s gotten into the school or sports team of choice; for friends, family or colleagues to approve of your latest action; or (fill in the blank?) Declare independence from waiting the old way. Here’s how.

How to Clear Out the Old to Make Room for the New

Clearing out the old is an incredibly holistic process. It takes every part of a person- from the physical to the emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Clean Out the Emotional Clutter

Most of us have clutter in our houses – things we keep that we don’t want and have no use for. We also probably have emotional clutter – old anger, grudges regrets and other feelings that no longer serve us. Is it time to let it all go?

Choosing Love Over Fear For Self-Transformation

Regardless of our circumstances and personal history, we all share the most fundamental aspect of the human condition, which is that at any given time, and moment to moment, we really only have two choices: love or fear. Life can show up in subtle and not-so-subtle ways, but when it comes down to it, we are always confronted between choosing what makes us freer, more aware, and more aligned with our true nature, which is love, and what makes us feel powerless, defeated, and resentful, which is fear in its many possible forms. Fluctuating…

Is Your Life Like A Messy Room?

When our minds are full of clutter, we can’t move or think clearly, easily or sanely. When our minds are loaded with clutter about hurt feelings, things that did not go right, problems and challenges, we don’t create any space in the mind to search for solutions or ways to live our best lives. It is too crowded in there with all the wrong stuff – stopping us from having room for the right stuff.

It’s Your Life After Age 50, Create The One You Want

Be careful of the stories you tell about yourself and your life (as well as what you hear other people tell about you). The stories are powerful. If you are not aware of the power of the stories, you risk believing them as absolute truth. Many people get stuck in outdated stories. But you don’t have to. Instead, you can recognize your power, get rid of stories that don’t work well anymore, create new ones, update others, and start changing your life.

Are You Stuck in Failure?

If you asked me that question a week ago I would’ve told you, “Absolutely not!” I think most of us would respond that way. We’re all positive people, right? I unearthed a new mental reality about myself last Saturday. I didn’t even know I was stuck in the mindset of failure, yet I was. Here’s my story:

How to Benefit From Reading a Business Book

To be able to derive the maximum benefit from reading a business book, you need to firstly identify your goal for reading the book. For example if you were travelling from London to New York and you needed a book to wear away time on the flight or you were going for a sales meeting and you needed motivation, then I will recommend the Celebrities endorsed business books.

Do You Need to Get Your Vision Checked?

A recent visit to the eye doctor’s office reminded me of life. Unless we regularly check in on our life vision, it can gradually loose clarity. We become less aware of what is really important. We find ourselves going through the motions without ever achieving what we want, or living/working in the way we want. Here are some tips to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Fail Better

Most of us prefer to avoid failing or making mistakes. But as it turns out, a certain amount of failure actually contributes to our success. This is something I think we all know experientially and intuitively. Research clearly shows making mistakes, admitting errors and learning from our failures actually enhance our creative skills, improve relationships and increase the learning curve for success and achievement.

The Courage To Be Yourself

Why is it so hard to just be ourselves, to accept what and who we are? So many people spend a lifetime trying to be be someone else, when if they just were true to their own heart and beliefs they would be so much more interesting and appealing. Often it is the sense of worth or the lack of it that hinders our progress, and lets be honest – it takes raw courage at times to face up to an overpowering person of better position, so we often conform rather than confront. But it is courage not conformity that will bring us respect both from our peers and more importantly – from our inner self. Courage to be our original self, to honor the dreams and beliefs deep inside – that is the cornerstone to a great life full of wonder and excitement.

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