The Truth About Outer Dimensional Existence | This May Be Why You Are Not Manifesting What You Want

Positive Procrastination

All of us occasionally have to deal with negative emotions like anger, jealousy, resentment and loneliness. Here’s is an easy tip for dealing with those negative emotions so that you can move back to a positive, powerful mental state.

How to Grow Out of Your Comfort Zone

How many days a week, a month, a year, do we enter the comfort zone? What is the comfort zone you ask? The comfort zone is the everyday habits that we perform automatically to control our thinking, our actions and our lives.

Freedom in Who I Am

Last week, we celebrated the July 4th holiday. This holiday is synonymous with freedom. We celebrate with fireworks, sparklers, good food, watermelon, family and friends.

Trust Is a Two Way Street

Trust, Webster’s dictionary defines it as assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something. It is a value that is earned but is extremely important to leadership and creating success in our careers. We hear this word and it is tied to so many emotions. Trust is an understanding and an agreement between people. But building trust is a two way street. Trust is created by trusting others and showing vulnerability. Being the first to let go of control, just as I trusted my Grandfather, he also trusted in me by letting go.

Faith Is The Key To Unlocking Your Potential

The point of this article is that faith is key to unlocking the resources that God has given all of us. If you want to live of fulfillment and purpose, you must believe that you have a gift and be willing to have faith to achieve what you were put on this earth to achieve.

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

This month I’ve been invited to attend multiple High School graduations (I must brag on the son of a cousin who became the Valedictorian of a graduating class of 125… Congratulations Diego!). During these ceremonies it became apparent to me that as the saying goes “Some things never change” and while I believe in tradition, sometimes I wonder.

Make Fear Your Driving Force To Success

Everyone looks for success in one form or another. It could be personal, business, sporting, the arts. Striving to be the best is the goal and your mindset is how you will achieve it. In order to succeed at anything you need determination, belief, positive attitude and most importantly courage. Courage is what will get you across the line in everything we do. And sadly for so many, fear is what holds us back. Fear takes a lot of energy, if you were to make fear your driving force to success, you would be unstoppable!

Every Moment Presents A Chance To Build Character

Most of us know that hate loses its sting in the presence of love and then struggles to remember its original intention, and rightly so. Those that build great characters learn to do so in the workshop of love.

Undoing Undermining Behaviors

Helping to change negative behaviors that undermine you and getting a plan to get organized and live a lifestyle of order. Order is not rigid, order has a flow which brings peace.

Keep Your Search Momentum Going Throughout the Summer

In the summer season people lose their momentum and slack off in their job searches. This article will help teach you how to keep that from happening.

Important Tips to Increase Productivity in Life

Everyone wants to be productive in their lives. But the problem is that most of us get stuck in our monotonous schedule and we forget about productivity. The thing is that we are living in a technology driven world where we have been occupied with all different types of gadgets and social media portals. That’s why; if you want to increase productivity in life, then you’ll have to make and follow some rules.

Changing Perspective Can Increase Your Income

Way back in 1846, thousands of people were flocking to California to seek fame and fortune in the Gold Fields. The Gold Rush was on and the idea of easy money and adventure swept the country. People from all walks of life, quit jobs, left families and made their way west.

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