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Happiness Does Not Necessarily Make You Feel Happy

Not feeling like jumping for joy lately? Think finding happiness will help you feel blissful always? One can be happy, truly happy and still not be jumping for joy.

How To Be Positive In Retirement

Life is constantly changing. It never changes quite as dramatically as when one retires. To change the whole way in which one lives is indeed a big step and on that takes thought and courage.

Loving Yourself More by Judging Others Less

Judgments have a funny way of cutting both ways. We judge, gossip, criticize, belittle others; we happily, fervently saw at another’s branch without realizing we are indeed cutting the branch we are sitting on. Judgment against others and judgment of oneself are two sides of the same coin, what we apply to others we necessarily apply to ourselves.

Accountability: Is It Important?

Accountability is one of the most overlooked and undervalued pieces of the puzzle to achieving personal and business goals. Without accountability many things in your life would not be present. In fact, lack of accountability could be the biggest reason why you don’t currently have what you want in life.

Walking in Circles

While reading Seth Godin’s book, “Poke The Box,” I came across an interesting piece of information I’d like to pass along. Godin relays the findings of a study conducted by Dr. Jan Souman, of the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics. It seems Dr. Souman studied what happens to us when we have no map, or compass, or landmarks to help us keep our bearings. His research on people lost in a jungle, a forest, or in the Sahara desert, with no means of determining a specific direction, showed that they ended up walking in circles. Try as they might to maintain a straight and steady course, they inevitably ended up back where they started.

Make the Most Out of Your Near-Death Experience

A near-death experience does not have to be religious related before you can consider one as such. It is as real as being deathly sick of an illness for months. A heart attack that left you immobilized for a long time may be considered as near death too.

Are You Living in the Present or in the Past?

Living in the present is the gift of life. The art of living well is living with mindfulness of the present moment. Unfortunately, many of us are not living in the present because our minds are often preoccupied with thoughts of the past and worries of the future, because the subconscious mind always relates to past events and past experiences, which are mental energies stored in the subconscious mind, affecting the conscious mind.

Holding Onto Grudges

Do you find yourself holding onto grudges? Do you find that this stops you from fully enjoying your life? Well, according to the Law of Attraction, we attract what we put out there. And if we put out the negativity, we attract more of the same negativity. So it makes sense to learn how to let go.

The Mind Never Knows

Regardless of where you are in life, there are always lessons to be learned on how to LIVE life. The decision is up to each of us when it comes to how many times a lesson has to pass us by before we listen and learn.

Maximize the Healing Power of Dolphins in Your Life

Dolphins live on light and sound, far beyond what we use in our lives. In this article I will share how you can use the gifts from the Dolphin Kingdom in your life – very simply and effectively.

America! Land of Pride and Plenty!

America is a great nation – in fact one of the greatest in the world. But we have also come a long ways downhill from what we used to be. “America, Back to the Basics” should become our battle cry. We’ve gotten away from what has made this country really great. We’ve put the Constitution in ‘dry dock’ in many regards. Democratic representation is largely about personal gain for those seeking office. But Americans and the backbone of America: a grass-roots revival starts with us.

Wake Up Thinking I Can’t Take This Anymore Part 1

So you wake up thinking, this is it, I can’t handle any more, I am just too tired to go on! How do you make yourself lift your exhausted body from the bed so that your feet can carry you on to the next step? Don’t give up! Don’t give up, remember, that is the key, you can find the answers, the three steps to finding the answers: hope, belief, resolve. Start with, stopping for a moment, “Know” that you can do this. Take a deep breath, let it out slowly, repeat the words, “It will be okay!” Because it will be! It may take a little time, but it will be okay.

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