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Can We Live on Passion?

I realize that my generation tends to dive headfirst into their area of interest whenever we are asked to do something. When selecting jobs, many of us follow our hearts. But is that alone enough? Or are we setting ourselves up for disappointment and empty promises?

African-American Males

The title of this piece may add some necessary shock value, but the contents of this article are of serious nature. There is a problem which exist on the male spectrum of the gender species within the “African-American” community. Self-classing.

Improving Decisions and Choices by Values

In this current cultural climate, few people see any problem with situation ethics, until it backfires on them. But, making choices and decision by feelings and convenience will never result in a truly successful lifestyle. If we learn how to apply values to our decisions and choices, we will be happier in the long run.

The Value of Expanding Your Skill Set

Let’s face it, unless you are a business owner, nothing is guaranteed. It’s important to have a back up career to hedge against, ruts, downsizing, career shark jumping or just plain old boredom.

Gap Years Are Not a Bad Thing

In England, gap years after college are a traditional thing. But in Asia, there are two camps regarding the increasing number of students opting for gap years. Here in tiny Singapore, I present my own view of this social sign.

Follow Your Passion Not Your Daily Bread

You enjoy life to the fullest when you are suited to the profession or vocation you perform. On the other hand, if you are working in the wrong vocation, you are unhappy, lack fulfillment, lack motivation, cannot excel, lack enthusiasm to live and even suffer poor health. To become fulfilled realign yourself with destiny by finding your place through passion, love for the job, people and life. Find that vocation and fulfill your dreams by doing what your were created to do with red hot zeal and passion.

Do You Know Everything?

Who makes an effort to learn more every day? The educated, the intelligent, the winners. Who makes no effort to learn more every day? The arrogant, the stupid, the losers, the failures.

Self Development to Improve Yourself

Self Development is a natural part of human nature. Everyone has different directions that they would like to take to achieve self development.

Three Reasons Why You Are Shy and the One Thing You Can Do About It

“I’m shy. That’s just the way I am,” said a young lady I spoke to recently. To her, shyness is in the same category as the color of her eyes or the size of her feet – something she cannot change.

What Is an Abuse Victim’s Definition of “Love?”

This article explores what the definition of “love” is to abuse victims. Although they feel that they are incapable of it, it equally identifies where their love went–and the fact that it was never really lost.

Hobbies and Your Retirement Lifestyle

In my previous books, I’ve emphasized the fact we are generally living longer and healthier lives. Indeed, we do have the time to rediscover our passions and reinvent ourselves during the retirement years. I am a firm believer in maintaining a positive, revitalized outlook for the future.

Gaining From 3 Generations In One Office

At our workplaces, we get to work with people from different generations. Some are the baby boomers and some are the new comers. To work with these people can help each one of us to develop an attitude, which makes us capable of reacting aptly to every situation at workplace.

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