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Tips for Maximising Your Competitive Advantage

As much as we would like to be, unfortunately not everyone can be good at absolutely everything. This applies across all industries. In order to succeed in your role it is important to identify where your natural strengths lie and how these can be maximised, as well as additional skills that you can acquire and develop.

Changing the Way We Feel

What distinguishes the human species from any other on the planet is the level of emotion we experience. Although other species experience and express emotion, the complexity of human emotion surpasses that of the natural world. Every experience we have lived through since our conception is linked by the mind and intellect to feelings which become the foundation of our reality, limiting our view. It is only through self exploration and the desire to break free of this narrow view of our self and this world, are we able to actually change the way we feel. This task is the most arduous of healing our self; and like building a muscle, it must be practiced religiously if we are to transform.

Managing Your Time – Essential for Success

Time is often viewed only as the passing of minutes measured by the clock, or as the stream of days marked by the flipping of a calendar’s pages. If you look upon time strictly from this standpoint, you will fall short of getting the full value of the future awaiting you.

Chase Your Dreams

Manual rice planting is probably one of the most back-breaking jobs I’ve seen. Farmers, at the break of dawn, farmers troop to the rice paddies to plant rice seedlings into the watery soil. From early morning to just about noon, they keep their rhythm of need. But it did not deter Gideon from chasing his dreams

Authentic and Proud of It

We are all born with that most wonderful of gifts – authenticity. Sadly, as we progress through life, this most precious of gifts is painstakingly stripped away at every opportunity.

You’re Something Special

Introductory essay in a series of postings on why you are such a special person. It includes a poem written especially to introduce the series.

5 Key Life Lessons From the King of Horror (With Some Help From Project Runway)

Why do we tend to spend so much more time thinking or talking about something, rather than doing the thing itself? Are we so afraid of doing the wrong thing that we don’t do anything at all? I guarantee you that doing is a lot easier, once you get started, than just thinking.

What’s Going to Be Different This Year?

Do you ever catch yourself whining like a five-year-old about your business rather than shining like a rock star CEO? We all whine, and it usually feels justified. After all, we’re simply stating the truth about the reality of our finances, overwhelm and how so-and-so ticked us off. Complaining changes nothing.

The Chuck-It List: Re-Thinking the Bucket List

A unique approach dealing with the Bucket List issue. What to put ON the list, and what to CHUCK. A fresh idea to let go of the responsibilities of carrying guilt and baggage in your life!

Ever Feel Like They Just Don’t Understand?

Have you ever felt you were hitting your head against a wall trying to get some of the people in your life to understand what you’re doing and why? You feel like all the time, effort, energy and money you’re investing in pursuing your dream would mean so much more if they would “get” it, but it just feels like they don’t. So what can you do to keep moving forward anyhow?

How To Generate Irresistible Personal Magnetism

We all know those guys who attract attention like bees to honey whenever they enter into a room. Well, in this article you’ll learn how to become like them.

How To Skyrocket Your Communication Skills To Irresistible Seductive Levels

Having good communication skills is essential success. Luckily, you’re about to learn some powerful tricks.

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