The Secrets Behind Astral Travelling [Awaken Your Consciousness]

Make Friends With Fear

Making friends with your fear might be one of the greatest gifts you ever give yourself. Here are some tips to befriend your fear.

Developing Your Potential: Your Greatest Responsibility

Imagine living life with the ability to give more? Imagine the benefits of being able to change your results like night and day? When you develop your potential you change your life and the lives of those around you! Discover a deeper understanding of our greatest responsibility.

Inner Courage – The Key To Living Without Regrets

Regret really stems from a lack of courage. We tend to regret the thing we did or did not do, because we lacked the courage to do it. You can take courageous action. Once you know what motivates you, you can do it again. Here are the top five regrets people have at the end of life, and how to prevent them in yours so you can live a life without regrets.

What Are You Yielded To?

We make choices in our lives that shows what we are yielded too. When you yield to the negative you will get back negative results and when you yield to the positive you will get positive results. You will serve your choices/decisions because the law of sowing and reaping is in effect no matter what.

Procrastinaton: Time Management Problem OR Emotion Regulation Problem?

Do you struggle with procrastination? Do you think it’s a time management issue? In this article, you will discover what’s really happening when you procrastinate.

Let’s Talk About Love*

First understand this: Love is a frequency, not an emotion. The fact that we have been programmed to believe that we are not complete without someone to love us (or even more dramatically, finding our so-called soul-mate) is the greatest deception and distraction of this modern era.

Becoming An Exceptional Human Being Part 2; How To Evaporate the Water of Your Personality

Looking at children, you will see that as toddlers, they have no idea about their life conditions and will put anything into their mouth or examine whatever it is, be that gold or rubbish, with the same curiosity. It is only the parents who tell them that this is good and that is bad. We can. understand our program, and change it.

Becoming An Exceptional Human Being

Of all the goals and aspirations in life, having achieved a great variety of extraordinary experiences myself, I have determined that there is no better goal for ones life than to become an exceptional human being. Find a life with meaning and value.

Whispers From the Heart

“Something just told me… ” if those words are familiar pay attention to the origins of ‘something.’ If uncanny ‘feelings’ of just knowing information without know why you know, or perhaps ideas that seem to come from nowhere you can identify that are helpful, you join the ranks of those who are tuning in and paying attention.

Stop Doing This One Thing and You’ll Have Success Like Mother Theresa. It’s Not What You Think!

This shaping of the psyche creates perceptions (unconscious beliefs) which drive our actions and behaviors. These perceptions are so subtle, you don’t even realize how and in what fashion they shape your everyday thoughts and actions.

Your Challenges Don’t Expose Your Weaknesses, They Reveal Your Strengths

I want you to close your eyes and think of a difficult experience affecting you right now. Before you read any further, do this simple step to get a sense of how the problem is upsetting you. You may experience a range of emotions and I invite you to welcome them. Don’t push them away because they are uncomfortable.

Book Summary: “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist is a story about a Spanish boy, Santiago, who loves his life as a shepherd and the time that it gives him to read books and to dream. From a young age, Santiago has wanted to travel, and shepherding takes him across the country and from village to village, selling his wool. However, he yearns for more; wanting to travel farther, to experience new things, and to “know the world.”

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