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The Importance of Knowing Ourselves

As I continue to explore the concept of purpose in an effort to identify my own, I have found an understanding from within that knowing who we truly are – all of our gifts, abilities, characteristics, and even our weaknesses – is an essential part of understanding our purpose here and in general. At our very core, we are all searching for true abundance, fulfillment, peace of mind, happiness and satisfaction (among other things), but we can only really achieve these things by seeking out and understanding our own true nature.

Our Purpose: Living Life Authentically, Part 1

Do we really have only one purpose in our lives? Did we come here to accomplish one thing, our purpose? And when we have accomplished this, will we be happy? Really?

Experiencing an Attitude of Gratitude

It is human nature to take your existence and everything inside of it for grant it. How many times a day do you stop to think about the things that you are grateful for in your life? “What have I got to be grateful for?” Look around you. If you aren’t grateful for what you already have then why would there be any reason for you to receive anymore?

Learn From Your Mistakes

Since I’ve been teaching and living personal development over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to draw awareness to the momentum of my life. I see the ebbs and flow of life without getting too invested in my external world. When unwanted events or scenarios show up, I look within and examine my thought process to see what thought or belief is out of alignment.

Change Is Inevitable – How to Handle Change

You cannot avoid change, you can only resist or embrace it. You will have a relationship with change depending on the topic that it refers to, for example you might resist aging but embrace changing your job. Let’s have a look at ways to handle change.

Changing Yourself – Ways to Change Yourself For the Better

Many of us, including myself, spend lots of time trying to change others: our partner, children, parents, friends, colleagues and sometimes even strangers. What an interesting way to waste our time! The only person you can change is yourself.

Quotes That Changed My Life

A quote can have a powerful effect if it happens to hit the right spot for you. Here are three quotes that changed my life: 1. Just do it – Nike advertisement. 2. The point of power is in the present moment- Louise L. Hay. 3. When I am old I shall wear purple – Jenny Joseph. How have these powerful quotations changed my life?

Why Not Give Yourself a Present This Christmas and Discover Your True Voice?

You have a better voice inside. It is merely a matter of discovering it. Powered by means of your chest cavity instead of your throat and voice box – or even possibly your nose – your ‘real’ voice has power, depth, and maturity that is not possible without the use of the largest of your 5 resonators, your chest.

Debts Being Collected Twice?

There is a debt collection scam being done every day by debt collectors, where they collect the same debt twice or more. You must know your rights and how to avoid being taken by a debt collector.

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