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How to Improve Small Talk – Why a Little Preparation Is the Secret to Small Talk Success

This article introcudes the reader to three effective strategies that help to make better casual conversation. Often times people struggle to make small talk a pleasant experience while they could vastly improve the conversation flow with a little preparation.

The Wheel of Fortune in Tarot’s Fools Journey

The Fools journey has taken him to a pint of completeness as well as the rise and fall of fortunes and the message that what goes around comes around. The Wheel of Fortune indicates abundance, happiness, elevation, or luck; a change that just happens, and brings with it great joy. It is a point of completion on the more physical plane of this journey.

Recipe for a Good Enough Mother

I became a mother when I was seven years old. An all consuming love happened in an instant, as it does for some new mothers, when my angelic brother, just having been adopted, was brought home at seven days old. When I first saw him, gorgeous as a crescent moon, with blond tiny ringlets, I was seeing God for my first time in the depth of his hazel eyes. From that moment he was mine; loving him as if he had come from my own body.

How To DISCOVER The Real You?

Although it should be the simplest thing anyone can do, many (if not most) individuals find it to be their greatest challenge to be themselves in a realistic, natural manner. Whether it is because of a desire to please others (that they place as a priority over pleasing, and being absolutely true to themselves), or because of some sort of insecurity or search for popularity, most people somewhat aimlessly wander/ roam in a less than fully purposeful manner, never fully examining, considering and addressing their true self. Therefore, in order to be the best you can be, it is essential…

Acquire Confidence – Purpose for Living: Who Are YOU?

Who am I, and, why am I here? Those are the two most important questions you can ask yourself. Let’s answer question 1, “Who am I?

Use Focusing to Create the Life You Want

Find out how working with Focusing can support you to make good decisions, and to let your body be your guide as to what is right for you. Summer is often a time when there is a change to the usual pattern and rhythm of life. Whatever the weather, it can provide an opportunity for a general overhaul and life review.

When I Try Focusing Nothing Is Happening

There may be a number of reasons why you don’t seem to be getting anywhere with your Focusing, and each will need a different response. Perhaps you are trying too hard. Sometimes parts of us feel pushed or pressurized and don’t want to open up to show more of themselves.

Hollywood Boulevard Star – Karmic Balance

Unlike Robin Williams and other celebrities of film and screen – you my not have a golden star emblazoned on the pavement with your handprint, but you are the star player in your life nonetheless. When you strip away all the pomp and ceremony from each celebrity, you are left with just one thing, an individual human being!

5 Preparatory Steps to Making a Successful Career Transition

Thinking of making a Career change? You are not alone. There is no doubt that many in today’s workplace are not very satisfied with their jobs. An ABC News poll reported that 50% of all American workers will chose a new job if they had the chance. Career changes can be a daunting, so here are 5 things you should have a mind if you are considering making a career change.

What Is Self-Awareness

We have all heard that self-awareness is important. Research has shown that being self-aware is highly related to many beneficial outcomes. It is important for self-development and growth, for good communication, for making good decisions based on our own strengths and weaknesses, for optimal functioning, for self-management and control, for developing wisdom, for creativity, and ultimately for our overall well-being. We all know of people that are calmly aware of themselves and their lives are, to all intents and purposes, healthy. At the other end of the spectrum we all know people that just have no clue about themselves and seem distraught and insulted when people bring some truths to their awareness. But what is self-awareness? It is a tough question to answer. It is tough because self-awareness lies in the realm of consciousness. We all know we have it, and indeed most people think they are very self-aware. However, it is often those very people who think that they are very self-aware that are the least aware of themselves and their effect on others.

If Life Is Tough, Then Get Tougher

Many people value things, possessions more than human beings. Some can even kill friends or family members because of their crave for wealth, but their end is going to be bitter. Value people, love and respect others because you don’t know when you may need them. It is good to treat everyone in any relationship with utmost love and respect no matter how low or high they may be. The person you consider low today may turn out to be a great one tomorrow, he may be the one GOD will use to deliver you from a great embarrassment in no distant future.

How To Deal With Negative Habits

The real power to overcome negative habits lies beyond your mental will. It emerges from within, as an organic result of your connection to the body. Discover how I quit a nasty habit with no effort whatsoever!

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