The Secret to Actually MANIFEST New Year Resolution in 2022

Journaling to Help Organise Your Life

You can use journaling to organise your life. It becomes easy when you enlist the power of list making.

What Is The Why Behind The Things You Do?

Figuring out the “Why” behind the things you do is the most important thing you can do. It will help clarify why some goals are being hit and others are not.

Authenticity – Why People Aren’t Themselves and What That Costs Them

If you’re not yourself, then you’re no-one because everyone else it taken. Why being yourself is important for your well-being and success.

Time To Put Your Own Self-Care on Your List?

This would be a good time of the year to begin the process of putting your own self-care on your list. It is a balance between self-care and other-care. We need to rise abut the limitations from our intergenerational and cultural beliefs to become a 21st Century Woman.

Simple Ways To Change How You Feel In An Instant

Here are some simple things you can do to change how you feel in an instant. Read more…

Managing Energy for Success

What are the components of successful people? So many people over time have dissected this and put the pieces together backwards and forwards. They have used it to sell courses. The formula has been used to sell everything imaginable. I don’t want to sell you anything. I want to give you Priceless tips.

Time for Support

Is there anyone out there that doesn’t want a little more support these days? Financial, physical, soul, mind, vision what do you need support with? These are the times where we get to ask. These are the times we get to share. These are the times that the most powerful things we can share are hope and vision of times less trying.

What Are Your Gifts?

I realized today in wondering what I would blog about I came upon this realization. When we know something we often assume that everyone knows that thing or lifestyle, or subject. Not true. So this is really an encouragement to share you gifts. I often take all I know for granite.

Breath = Energy

Energy is becoming more and more priceless in our awareness. When we say energy we usually think of utilities and what we need to drive these machines we are so dependent on. What are the sources of that power?

Clearing Old Thoughts

Yesterday I was weeding in my back yard and I had a realization. Weeding the yard is so much easier than weeding out our thoughts. Weeding out unwanted thoughts needs tools. What are your tools for weeding out ineffective thoughts? What about ones that actually take you down? Do you have different tools for each of these?

What Is Love to You?

What is love to you? I would like to explore this with you. I know we all have preconceived ideas of what love is and what it is not. Most of these have been formed through our personal experience. I would like to share and after death experience and look at “What is Love” Are you game to keep an open mind and see what love can be… if so please read on.

Women, Your Soul Is Talking, Will You Say Yes?

Women are connected. They connect with their friends, their children, and their spouse. Women connect others. We are the bridges that build relationships and foster communication. Basically, women are the directors of the future.

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