The Same Meditation Should NOT Be Practiced Forever – This is Why Secrets of the Himalayan Yogi

Where Is Your Passion In Work?

If I am to show you a video of someone who is a walking zombie with no passion in work, this is how it’ll look like. Waking up at 6:30am daily reluctantly.

5 Questions About Removing Your Heart Wall With The Emotion Code

What Is My Heart Wall? The heart wall is an energetic wall around our heart. One we build to protect ourselves, but unfortunately it keeps us locked inside unable to really feel the giving and receiving of love.

You Are the Brand

I’ve been reading a lot lately about branding. What I’ve learned is branding is really about creating an identity. It’s about creating an image. A brand sets a corporation apart and let’s others know what it’s known for or what it has to offer. Most folks buy their clothes or their coffee based on a brand. They buy them because they believe in their quality; they buy them because they’ve tried their products and value the experience of dealing with them. What about you? Do you have a brand? Are you known for something of value…

Learning How To Control Your Emotions

Do you feel like you can’t seem to control your emotions? Maybe you lash out at others around you and later feel bad about it. If you’re like me, you’re thinking that’s something is wrong with you because you just can’t seem to control your emotions. One day I would wake up crying feeling all emotional and then the next day I’m happy as to be. I use to think that I was bi-polar or something because of how my emotions would shift from time to time.

Steps To Have a Vision in Life

I decided to write this piece hoping people who will have the chance to read this in the future will learn the steps on how to have a vision of life, because the truth is, a lot of people live without having one. This is very frustrating, but it’s a fact.

The Emotion Code

What Is The Emotion Code? The Emotion Code is a method of healing that was created by Dr Brad Nelson, a certified chiropractor. In essence it releases trapped emotions that have been stored in the body during a time when you weren’t able to process them.

The Spiritual Energy of Money

Take a moment to figure out how you feel about money. Do you have an Impostor running your financial life? Are you making what you’re worth? If not, what is standing in your way? What would make you both happy and wealthy?

How Are You Going to End 2011?

The final quarter is upon us – so how are we doing? Measurement equals knowledge. Without measurement we don’t know where we are. So let’s get out the real measuring tool. Let’s put on our glasses. Let’s stop with any stories. Let honestly and straight forward ask the question. How did we do through the first 3 quarters – budget verses actual? Goals against achievements? Plan against reality.

The Power of Story: Re-Writing Your “Life Story”

The power of story, and its impact on your life, cannot be overestimated, and your “story” is certainly not an accurate description of who you “really are”. Your life story, the story you tell others “and yourself” about your childhood and your life experiences, is not entirely accurate. It is essentially a creative explanation of “what happened” and is only loosely based on the “facts”.

The Sorry State of Apologies

All of us make mistakes, say things we didn’t mean, forget, or are rude when we may not have intended to be. Experience has taught me most people don’t intentionally harm others but once they do, they’re reluctant, or find it difficult, to take responsibility for the damage.

Break Through the Limitations of Your Mind

Napoleon Hill in the 1925 version of The Law of Success continually challenges the reader to think in manner different from how he or she was taught. As we know in modern psychology, the fundamental beliefs of a person’s life are formed by the time s/he is five years old. This is why Freud and others have said that a person’s personality is set at the age of five.

Be In Your Power Living With Passion And Purpose!

Hello, my name is Douglas Guy, and it is my goal in life to help others discover their true passion and purpose in life. Like many of you, there was a time that I did not know what I was passionate about. On this page, and on others that will follow, it is my aim to guide you to your ultimate destination in life, Your Destiny! Before we can begin, we must first uncover the keys to your destiny, which are purpose and passion.

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