The Powerful Truth Behind Our Purpose in Life [MUST WATCH!!]

Chinese New Year: New You – Take Two

Your willpower may have wavered, your resolve may have dissolved, but there’s a second chance to start the year anew and realise your dreams. Chinese New Year!

My Life’s Purpose

I sit and ponder the why of my life and wonder, am I on track, am I where I am meant to be or is it time to change direction on my journey for my perfection this time round? My life has taken many twists and turns, many of which I recognise the reasons in hindsight. It is such an incredible thing to be able to look back and see where my ‘now’ thoughts were created and what associations and friendships have brought me to where I am now today.

My Awesome Life

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? You may have the traits of both at times. Do you energise yourself or need other people to energise you? One or two of the following questions will fit you better than the others. Which ones are they? Do you like to creating a better product or creating a better brand? Do you leading a team or bringing people together? Do you like buying low and selling high or is collecting appreciable assets important to you? Do you like controlling cash flow assets or creating a better system?

The Importance of Self-Searching

In our journey through life, we learn a lot of things about a lot of things. We discover new and interesting avenues, meet people, etc. and they give meaning to our life and way of living. From cradle to coffin, all we do is discover. We discover more and more about the outside world.

Meaning of Kindness

We see the power of money, fame, reputation, etc. and have this mind-set that these are the only things which have an impact. The materialistic world, has over the years, taken away the importance and the impact that simple acts of kindness can have.There is a certain, magic (I believe it is magic) that takes place, when we show kindness to each other. We may not be able to gauge the impact it has on us or others, immediately. But it most certainly has an enchanting effect.

How to Achieve a State of Tranquility

Many people have a lot of confusion or shall I say, assumption that peace, calm, serenity and tranquillity mean the same thing or something around the same concept. There are various stories on the very same subject, written by the ancient kings and sages, who advocate that achieving a state of tranquillity, is the first and the most difficult step, for anyone who walks the path of renunciation (tyaga).

Find Contentment and Happiness When Your Plans Change

Some people are highly driven people by nature. They have their lives mapped out well in advance of ever executing it. Highly driven people can struggle to find contentment and happiness, because they are always looking for the next thing to happen.

Personal Development & Growth

It is not uncommon, for the terms, personal development and growth, to be met with a certain amount of sighing and an expression of ‘been there done that’! We’ve been learning about the idea since we were in school and we’ve been working on it since forever. So, what is going to be different about this one?

9 Steps to Being Unforgettable

Ah, those unforgettable people in or lives… what was it that made them so? Was it their beauty or masculinity, a call of the wild raw sex appeal, special secret scent or even their brilliant mind and accomplishments? How about personal wealth or social standing; could any of these have been the reasons we found them unforgettable? Why not, when they touch so many of our senses? But that’s not it! To be unforgettable requires much more than these traits that cost so much to maintain.

Want More Money? Then Start Your Personal Development Plan

There are three basic elements that can change your life. This consists of the ability to ask, to believe and to receive. You also need to live your new life, and don’t just imagine it but really believe and feel that your life has changed. In this respect, you should set specific goals, create plans, but the most important is to always stay positive and be grateful for the things you have.

Starting at the Core

One of the most important elements of self development is alignment with core values. These values for the basis of our beliefs, our thoughts, and our actions.

Manners Matter Four

Sagging Trousers and PJs in Public – Trousers worn with the waistbands around the hips so the whole world sees your underpants: bad manners. It is a style overwhelmingly favored by young males and causes them to walk with a bizarre gait and constantly “hitch up” their trousers so they don’t fall to the ground. I have one word to describe this fashion: revolting.

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