The Power of OM Chanting & Mantras | The Fastest Way to Raise Your Vibrations!!

Aging and The Meaning of Life

What is life all about? The answer is that each person must find meaning in life. One of the most effective ways to do that is through relationships with others, especially as we age.

The Blame Game: How to Stop It

When things don’t go the way that you expected or hoped for, one of the first things that you might want to do is find someone to blame. Is it your employer’s fault that you got a poor performance review? Are your children driving you crazy?

Grace and the Blessing of Awareness

Most people begrudge the awareness of a behavior or character flaw that is causing problems in their life. Why not view it as a blessing that you have been given the opportunity to make a positive change in your life.

3 Things to Make You a Better Person

We often think that life is hard but the truth is we are hard in this life. This guide is to make you a better person from emotional struggles in life.

Shattered, Tattered, Broken and Emerging

“Everything seemed so dark… ” “I felt like I was lost in a cave with no opening to escape… ” These words spring from the darkest part of someone’s life as they ponder whether it is worth continuing the journey; it is. Maybe you have never reached this depth of despair, or maybe you are there now, wondering if you can still go on, if it’s worth it. It is.

Are You Forgetting Your Guidance?

Gerald was raised in a family whose God was money and success. There was no religion practiced and neither of his parents had any spiritual connection. Gerald grew up focused on externals only – looks, performance and material possessions.

Driving Perfectionism Way Out of Town

PERFECTIONISM is at the root of many evils of unconsciousness that grow great trees of unacknowledged shame in us. Let me attempt to illustrate.

Achieving Balance in an Out of Control Life!

Is it possible to live in this fast paced, often crazy world and still have a sense of ease and contentment? Maybe even a sense of being in control? Yes, at least most of the time.

How You Doing?

Alas, as we all know, some days do not start out well as there are many frustrations which occur in life. Need I name them? Get up late, freeway traffic, conflict with a co-worker, to name just a few. But it does not have to be this way. You can make a conscious choice to be less upset and happier. A lot of this choice has to do with what thoughts you think when upsetting events occur.

Let Us Change the World

The mind power is really great. In human resources management, the concept of perception is given special emphasis. This article focuses on controlling this perception to make our lives better.

Break Free Of Your Perfectionism

What you can do today to begin breaking free of your perfectionism. How you can start to live a little more and stress a little less about making everything ‘just right’.

If Given the Right Chance, What Would I Do?

A lot of people ask me about my life goals, where I want to stand after few years and etc. Here I have given a brief explanation of my life goals.

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