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I Can’t Change The Way I Feel – Can I?

Part of the humour of the long running radio show Just a Minute is the mocking of its chairman Nicholas Parsons. When panellist Graham Norton was given the topic ‘Freudian slips’ he talked about ‘man love’ revealing his ‘gruntaffilic attraction to Parsons’ and saying ‘I can’t help those feelings.’ Whereupon Paul Merton gets a big laugh by buzzing and shouting ‘Try!’ In other words try to feel differently. But can one really change how one feels?

Is Your Appearance Representing Who You Are?

Have you ever read about the temples, the dwelling place of God, in the Old Testament? The time, materials, and cost to build these temples were astronomical. I just heard recently, that the rebuilding of the temple during the days of Ezra and Nehemiah cost king Cyrus over 1 billion dollars! WOW! Are we treating God’s temple of the New Testament in a similar way?

Is It Possible To Turn A Losing Game With Chronic Anxiety Around? Yes, And Here’s The Strategy!

My tennis coach used to always say change a losing game, but never change a winning game. As a junior tennis prodigy I didn’t listen to this advice much, but boy did it make an impact on my self development later on in my life. The main question we all face though is how to apply this towards improved mental health?

How to Decide If The Work-From-Home Job Ad Is Legitimate

With more and more companies outsourcing jobs to reduce overheads, it has becomes easier for professionals to earn steady income while working from home. However, each person has his own reason to seek work from home employment.

Formation to Healing

Interiority, Community Life, and Mission. Vulnerabilities of children/adults may be rooted to their pain, traumas and issues (personal baggage) that have not yet been resolved and healed. These hinder their self-acceptance and confidence in their own gifts and talents and hindering the flowering and development of their hidden potentials, their initiatives and creativity.

Make A Decision To Change Your Life And Then Move Forward (If You Dare)

Simply because you make a decision to change your life doesn’t mean anything in your life is actually going to change; sad but true. If you want to live a life full of the benefits of making a decision to change you have to go one step further and move forward. And you do want to experience the benefits because you were able to make a decision to change your life, right?

When You Grow Up

People are amazingly different in their personalities, actions, beliefs, and concerns. How does that happen when we all start at pretty much the same point? Children usually become much like their parents. Adults and parents must be very careful about what they think and do, because most of it will perpetuate through their children and grandchildren.

Veterans in Civilian Transition: Ten Effective Job Search Strategies to Get Hired

In the Military you presented ideas and strategies to officers, peers and civilians to accomplish daily goals. The skills you used in the Military are transferable to the civilian job market. Use transferable skills and new interview strategies to illustrate to civilian employers you are the most qualified candidate for the job. Listed are strategies to prepare you for your interview.

Finding the Balance: Parenthood and Marriage

Balancing parenting and a relationship/marriage can be hard, particularly if you’re feeling the demands of both. Nurturing one while neglecting the other can lead to long-term damage and feelings of guilt. Knowing how to be a parent and partner at the same time, while still finding time for yourself, is important for personal happiness and success.

The Importance of Your Inner Dialogue

The inner dialogue, also known as an inner conversation or self-talk, is considered to be a powerful tool for personality assessment. Being aware of your inner dialogue helps you to improve yourself and your mindset. Inner dialogue goes on all day, every day and determines what you do and how you do it.

Adult Children of Alcoholics: How We Help Save The World

So often we ACoA get caught up in feeling all the feelings of the past, that we sometimes get stuck in what once was. In fact, sometimes we get so caught up in how we used to feel, we forget that we aren’t powerless anymore. As a recovering ACoA I have learned to embrace my past as a gift. Because I am an ACoA I was forced to look within for answers, and as a result I found the greatest blessings ever. I found–ME.

2 Self-Improvement Tips That Can Improve All Areas Of Your Online Business

Did you know that some simple self improvement tips can help you to earn a lot of money in your online business? It’s true, and many people can benefit from some good self improvement advice because it’s the core reason why they fail online. They lack the motivation needed to keep marketing when they don’t see success in their business.

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