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Don’t Panic: A Guide to Career Path Change – Part 1: Planned Change

“Help, I’m in a crap job and I can’t get out!” Here are the first couple of steps you need to take now before you dust off that resume and cover letter and set off to change your career path.

How to Have Astral Projection

There are many astral projection tutorials out there, but most of them are incredibly hard to perform. This tutorial is based on personal experience and will help you achieve astral projection in the easiest possible way.

How to Break the Boundaries of Your Comfort Zone

This article takes a look at the limitations our comfort zones place on us and the likelihood that we have no idea this is taking or has taken place. I invite you to have a look and see if my take on this topic gives you some perspective in terms of breaking out of your comfort zone or becoming aware of its potential limitations.

Are You “Fear Fit”

“Fear” is not just about protecting ourselves from harm or preventing us doing things that we shouldn’t be doing. Fear can provide us with lots of useful information about who we are and what we are trying to do. We need to learn how to understand fear, to identify the different types of fear that we experience, and to learn how to read the message that fears try to give us.

8 Powerful Clarity Questions

One of the most effec­tive ways to gain clar­ity of self (to know who you are and what you want) or of any project that is impor­tant to you, is to hon­estly answer some pow­er­ful questions. This article contains eight of the most pow­er­ful ques­tions I know for help­ing you gain clar­ity in either your daily life or your business.

Harness Your Self-Esteem to Achieve Your Dreams

Self-esteem is something we acquire as a child, developed and strengthened as we grow up. It is a belief formed and constantly reinforced by wrong role models and standards through the years. Since it is acquired, it can be un-acquired.

September As Tabula Rasa

For many people, January 1st is the beginning of their new year. It’s a time for making resolutions, starting fresh and making changes – giving up smoking, losing those stubborn 10 pounds, get a new job. For me, September 1st is the beginning of my new year, a new annual cycle, far more so than January 1st is or ever will be! When does your “New Year” begin?

Writing Your Way to a Mindful Existence

Both mindfulness and expressive writing are approaches that help you transform implicit and unconscious thoughts, feelings, memories and perceptions into explicit and conscious ones. They provide you with a deeper understanding of yourself and allow you the time and space to attach words to experiences and perceptions, giving them a new identity.

Keep It Positive

Yes, there are more points to consider, like belief, confidence, energy, application, it has many allies all contributing to the positive outlook. Performing any task with mastery, professionalism and calm assurance can be described as a positive display.

Breaking Bad and the Painful Hunt

Recently, job hunting is starting to feel like I’m playing a game of basketball. The hoop being employers mail bins and the ball being my cv. Turns out I’m an NBA All star at this email basketball, never missing a shot.

The Masks We Wear to Hide Our Authentic Selves

We are so self-conscious and shy, and lacking in self-confidence and or we are so filled with feelings of unworthiness, that we guard our inner selves. This article invites us to shed these limiting masks we wear.

Your Dreams Grow You: Why Obstacles Line the Path to Your Dreams

It’s not that the achievers have all the “good fortune” or “lucky breaks.” Instead, they view obstacles and challenges as stepping-stones to their dream. They’re not afraid to fail.

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