The Most Powerful Spiritual Practice Siddho Hum Kriya [100% RESULTS!!]

Brain Connections – Part 7: More on Emotions

A part of the non conscious includes information that is held back from becoming conscious by internal forces called “defense mechanisms”, strategies aimed at managing emotions that are too difficult to tolerate and, if acknowledged, would destabilize us and potentially create problems in relationships. These contents held back from consciousness by defense mechanisms constitute the unconscious proper. We refer to it simply as the unconscious.

Living For Significance Series: Insights Into The Moments That Define Our Lives

Significance is feeling that you matter in this world. It’s knowing you make a difference, feeling relevant, being respected, being considered, and being valued for who you are. People talk about searching for their life purpose or finding a sense of belonging, love, connection, and contribution. Whatever the label, significance is what we all live to feel.

One Choice and Your Life Changed Forever

You always hear me talk about the “Choices You Make and the Actions You Take”. I got lucky one day a coined this phrase from several others and am constantly reminded every time I see it that my entire life has been made to this day, “BY the Choices I have Made.” And the wonderful thing is: We are only “One Decision and One Step away from Changing Our Lives Forever” Think about this for a moment…one choice, just one, can change your life forever. Simply put, your life today is what your choices have made it, but with new choices, you can change directions this very moment.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

If a picture paints a thousand words then the camera paints volumes! With the increased use of mobile phone cameras people everywhere are maximizing their liberties and taking footage of the latest alarming war crimes, or documenting teacher-student conflicts in schools, or recording unsanitary mobile food vendors and their concealed, repulsive habits. With evidence in hand, everyone from government officials to street hawkers are being asked to be more responsible and accountable.

Where Do Ideas Come From?

The dictionary says: “An idea is something imagined in the mind.” Obviously, according to that definition, I have to cause or persuade my mind to imagine something in order to grow, that is, produce a harvest of one or more useful ideas…

Unleashing the Element of Restoration in Our Lives

Did you ever lose a document that you worked hard on for the last week? Maybe your computer crashed with what seemed like your entire life on board? Worse yet, maybe you lost your house and everything you owned in a fire? The moment it happened a wave of fear washed over you. After a few calm attempts to recover the loss, panic moved in. Soon reality sank in and you realized you may never see those lost files. What on earth will you do? That report was due tomorrow. All your photos, contacts, documents were on the computer and you hadn’t backed up in months. The loss is devastating and the idea of re-building insurmountable. It feels like too much to handle.

8 Strategic Steps to Living in Your Divine Purpose

You have a dream that you have yet to attain. A vision and a purpose yet to fulfil. At one time they burned in your heart your heart like a homecoming game bonfire. Yet, you’ve been pulled in this direction or that by love ones, life circumstances, society. The journey, not all bad by any means has left a slowly fading fire in your heart for something more, something yet achieved, something divinely appointed for ONLY you. The fire cannot be quenched though its flames have dimmed. Your gifts and dreams are knit into you from inception. They are a part of who you are uniquely designed to be and how only you can impact the world. But living in your authentic purpose will not simply occur. Without action, the fire of passion and purpose will fade though I don’t believe they are ever fully extinguished. What good, however, is a smouldering fire where once a blaze lit the horizon?

A Fast Way to Release Upsets and Restore Peace of Mind

When we get upset, we become full of negative emotion. The moment you release this negative emotion, your restore your inner peace. You see your situation clearly and can see what needs to be done. You become very effective. This article shows how.

People Rushing To Nowhere: A Satire Song Transformed Into An Inspiration and Challenge

Many people have speed, but not much direction. They are going nowhere in a hurry. Will Rogers said, “Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save.” But we can secure a firm life journey applying three basic things: (1) purpose, (2) priorities, and (3) practices. If they don’t line up, then something is out of whack.

How To Be Centered And Balanced In Life

So you try to do all the right things in life; you try to be present and engaged, relating to the moment, seeking truth, and yet you still feel lost and drawn away from reality. How do you stay centered even when you try?

Being Present And Aware

Seeing the moment for what it is, is important for how we relate to it. Without construing false pretenses or imagining outcomes, we let the moment be just as it is without further interpretation. To let the moment exist how it is, to be present with it, allows us to not only fully experience it, but to be part of it.

Self-Judgment – From Your “Wrong” Voice to Your Strong Voice

Self-judgment is a time-consuming, debilitating habit that offers no real reward. And yet, we all participate in it to some extent. Often, our self-judgments arise out of messages we have internalized from our families while growing up, or from the society we live in. That message becomes a part of the way we perceive the world and ourselves. It becomes a fixed aspect of our filter. The result is that as we have new experiences, we are still filtering them through the old lens.

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