The Most Effective Way How to Manifest LOVE During The Chaos [LAW OF ATTRACTION]

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) And Its Impact in People’s Decisions

When making important decisions, we need to understand the impact emotions can have in those decisions and try to manage our emotions and feelings and not let them control our lives. That is exactly what emotional intelligence refers to; the ability to understand and be aware of our emotions and use them to our advantages.

Revive Yourself This Weekend

There are so many things we have always wanted to do, but not able to make time for. Wishes that got lost along the way as we grew up, wishes lying dormant somewhere but nevertheless are there. Make a list of all those things and start making your wish list come true starting this weekend.

Forget Real Estate Investing For Now – Are You Scared To Invest In Yourself?

Many people frown on trying something new like real estate. They see the courses and are scared to make that move to buy them. Well after reading tons of reviews, I think what it really boils down to is are you scared to invest in yourself?

How to Handle Those Critics

Fame and the spotlight are funny things. Many aspire to this, albeit it secretly, and even if you don’t or aren’t ready to admit it yet, most people are fascinated by what goes on in the lives of celebrity. This fascination is voyeuristic or inspirational and on some occasions can become obsessive for some, but either way it is part of the relationship and energy of those who are in the spotlight.

Self Help Books Can Turn Your Life Around

Self help books have a part to play in many people’s lives. If you’re someone who can be motivated by books, you need to find one that works for you, that you can go back to time after time for a shot of enthusiasm. That’s not to say that one book will have the same power to motivate each time you turn to it. There’s an effect that comes into play called habituation, in biological terminology. Habituation is what makes a snail stop retracting its antennae after a while, when they’re prodded. Or what stops a sleeping cat’s ears from flicking when you touch them several times. In fact, habituation just means “getting used to” something that doesn’t harm you. If it’s irritating, but not life-threatening, don’t waste your time and energy on it. It’s also what helps us to get used to the dark, or obnoxious smells, or loud noises. The same is true of self help books and other motivational aids. They can be quite powerful at the first reading or viewing, then the effect gets weaker and weaker as time goes on, until it vanishes altogether.

How to Get Motivated to Be More Outgoing

Every soul demands direction no matter the intent, but when it is a lofty one like becoming more outgoing then it shall benefit you to journey to your spirit and discover the values you have to offer others. You see you are a white canvas, the world is your oyster and now that you have made a request to the powers that be, you have sent a clear message that you the student are now ready. Thus the way the truth and the light, which shall guide your discovery, shall be forthcoming, keep prepared and ready for action. Negative thoughts like laziness and bad behaviour seep into our psyche and add to our confused mental states inhibiting our desires to express themselves in outward activities.

Finding Your Motivating Factors

In order then to realign your motivating factors with your mindset, it is necessary to commence the wonderful therapeutic art of meditation. Do not worry it is not against your religion because God and all the stories within the Bible repeatedly suggest we partake of this curative benefit. Our souls cry out for quiet time not just sleeping time but time in peaceful relaxation devoid or empty of all distractions. Magnets find their true north automatically and when you meditate, you allow your spirit to find its true north almost spontaneously. Our souls are magnets to our spirituality but most of us have never known about the mysteries of exploring the assets and beauty of our spirits thus we are pleasantly surprised when we open the doors.

Your Mental Well Being

Henry David Thoreau wrote “…I wished to live deliberately, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. I did not wish to live what was not life, living is so dear; nor did I wish to practice resignation…” Even in 1854, Thoreau noted that most men are slaves to their work and enslaved to those for whom they work and states that “”The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation…” Are you living a life of quiet desperation? Do you ever wish you could stop the world so you could get off? Are you always watching the clock and thinking “it can’t be that late already”? And when you do get some free time at the end of the day, do you “zone out” in front of the television?

How to Compare Yourself

One of the most insidious thing we can do to our self-esteem is to compare ourselves. Compare ourselves to what? Exactly. To compare ourselves – in at least two pernicious areas.

How to Compare Yourself

One of the most insidious thing we can do to our self-esteem is to compare ourselves. Compare ourselves to what? Exactly. To compare ourselves – in at least two pernicious areas.

Why Compliments Are So Hard to Accept and How You Reinforce People Not to Give Them to You

Compliments are the true barometer of what it is that you accept or don’t about yourself. Only those attributes that you own internally will be accepted graciously when someone compliments you. All too often our self-esteem does not believe or has not grown to the level of who we truly are or to the degree that others see us. Thus it is not only important for us to rectify this for the enhancement of our self-esteem, but as long as we are unable to accept compliments we reinforce others not to give them to us.

Learning Anything: Rules of Engagement in Rapid Learning of Any Skill

“Learning without thought is labour lost” – Confucius. Learning a new skill is one of the most exciting and liberating things we can do. It opens and connects us to the world- introduces us to new people, experiences and new perspectives. It’s the essence of hands-on living.

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