The Making of Women Unite NFT | The First HUMAN NFT [Part 1]

Reinventing Yourself at Midlife

Re-invent – what a strange word. It means create anew. Bring forth from something that already is. When we apply it to our lives I see it meaning taking what we have done, experienced and accomplished thus far and creating something new from it. Is it time for you to do something like that? Sometimes I have heard it called re-inventing yourself and sometimes I have heard it called re-careering.

Self Criticism is Harmful to Success

Too much of self criticism and contemplation will not allow you to rush towards success. We always think of others and very much worried about what they are thinking about us. We want to impress each and everybody we meet and give lot of value to others’ opinions. Problems will multiply and expectations will reach impractically and finally we cannot satisfy anybody.

Enthusiasm Makes the World Go Around

How is your enthusiasm quotient these days? Has the economy and all that is going on in the world gotten you down a little? Is it time for you to do a bit of an attitude adjustment? Enthusiasm for life and all that is in it keeps us going but it is hard to manufacture. That is why it needs to come from deep with in us. Wouldn’t it be great to have a deep well of enthusiasm that we could draw from all of the time? Is that even possible? I think that it is. Here are some key steps to take to fill your well and to keep it full.

Why Should Everyone Read Books?

Book reading is the best method to acquire knowledge and become wise. Read this article to know why should we read books to make our life brighter and happier?

Confidence, Self-Esteem and Sexy

An article in a recent copy of Woman and Home magazine depicted the increase in loneliness within society and many questions were thrown about with appropriate response to combat this phenomenon. Take a look at the social network sites and then go no further to arrive at the conclusion that these sites are as frivolous as candy floss and equally as beneficial to our sustenance.

HSP – High Sensitivity Across the Life-Span

Being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) poses particular challenges across the lifespan. In the first half of life, the lack of power of the infant and young child to control their environment means that they are often helplessly overstimulated and feel overwhelmed and different from their peers. As they mature HSPs develop skills and autonomy that permit them to create a life more in keeping with their nature. In the second half of life, their sensitivity is supported by life skills and experience and it can be used to great advantage for themselves and those around them.

Mingle – Never Be Single!

Having a great dinner alone may not be tasty, but a small meal with your friends will make you the darling of masses. Abraham Lincoln always mentions with gratitude that his friends helped him to become President of USA. Hitler’s power is the result of Gobble’s publicity and General Rommel’s ability to manage people. Never behave like a frog in the well.

The World of Words Makes Your World!

A good word is like a visa to victory. Your words are passport to perfect relations with others. You can build forts as well as castles in the air with the power of your words. Others should feel happy whenever they think of our words. If they show irritating feeling on their face, take it granted that they don’t want to talk to you. We love to listen when someone is talking, but somebody may bore you once they start talking and we wait to cease their talk.

Master Your Craft – Be The Best At What You Do

No one can do what you do that is what is so great about life. Discover what it takes to take your skills to the next level through personal development.

The Secret to Stepping Forward

Somewhere along life’s path we have all had moments when we have been badly hurt by either direct or indirect events, negative behaviour or harmful words. Often these acts of unkindness have happened when we were at our most vulnerable, when we may not have had the ability to understand what was happening or where we lacked the skills or knowledge to protect ourselves or others we care about.

My Responsibility

Between a stimulus (event) and the response there is response-ability. As Jennifer Aniston used to say in a shampoo commercial “Pay attention, here comes the science part”.

The Art of the Language Exchange

A language exchange or language swap is typically when two language learners meet to practice one another’s native language, e.g. an English speaker learning Spanish, meets with a Spanish speaker learning English. We believe that learning a new language should be fun and can be a lot more engaging when you’re connecting with real people and living outside of your comfort zone as you stumble through your lines!

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