The Leo King Truth Talk Horoscope August 23-29 2021 *Please listen, I have to level with everyone*

Four Keys to Designing Your Life for Optimal Balance

If you feel overwhelmed and overworked, it might be time to reconsider the balance between different dimensions of your life. The four keys in this article will help clarify more effective ways to think about balance so you can take steps to escape from overwhelm.

Do You Develop Your Strengths and Starve Your Weaknesses?

As you begin 2012, I hope you’ll commit to supporting your words with your actions. Remember as you undertake this: Progress is more important than perfection! Look at the need to develop your strengths as a high priority, and the importance of understanding and acting in accord with your needs, wants, and values.

New Year Brings a Chance to Get It Right, Again

When I was younger, New Years was a time for grownups to get together, wear fancy clothes drink and laugh too much. Or was it laugh and drink too much? Anyway, as I got older, I could hardly wait to be big enough to do the same.

Tapping Into Higher Guidance With Guided Imagery and Guided Meditation

Each of us has inner resources for guidance along our life path. Information, inspiration, answers and more can be found within if we take the time to find it. “Listen to your heart” is a theme that can be found everywhere in popular culture, but how do you go about accessing those rich inner resources? Guided imagery and guided meditation can help.

10 Simple Rules for Life

Ten simple rules, that in the end have very complex and dramatic results. Each rule is something we can do throughout the day to help us center ourselves and bring a calming to our souls.

Pleasers Are Really Naive And Unaware

In this article, Joan takes a Deeper Look at the Pleasing personality type. She puts a specific emphasis upon what the perennial pleaser must do to take responsibility for themselves, setting limits, and standing up for themselves.

Success Requires Discipline

So you have spent the last week working and getting to understand persistence and are now ready to roll forward with discipline. I think one thing you may just have learned, persistence requires discipline. But you will now also learn that discipline requires persistence.

The Pickle Dilemma

As I am in full swing of mid-life – well, maybe on the backswing by some people’s standards. Regardless of their thoughts, I am in a complete pickle over what to do with my life. Possibly, that’s an overstatement. I know what I want to do; my dilemma is do I really have the gumption to do it?

Let Go and Trust

How do you know when to surrender your worries, fears and anxieties over to a greater source? Do you habitually own them to the point that letting go means losing an aspect of yourself? You need to let go of old patterns in order to bring in the new.

Nothing Is Impossible – Just Make a Full Effort

We can only see as far as the horizon goes. What lies beyond, is like some unknown space. Therefore, we might be tempted to believe that there is nothing beyond the horizon. We tend to ignore the possibilities that lie beyond our perceived horizon.

How to Connect Well With Other People

Big goals can’t be realized alone. Think of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the pyramids in Egypt, or the Taj Mahal in India. Those buildings were possible because many people worked to build them. When you want to make big things happen, you really need support from other people.

Putting Yourself First After Your Divorce

Divorce usually brings up a long list of items that you wish you could change about yourself, but realistically, there are probably only a few areas you need on your personal development plan. Putting a plan in place to work on these few areas, could significantly impact your overall life.

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