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Angry Fuel – Transforming And Using Negative Criticism

This is an article about an episode that I went through a few years ago now. I learnt to turn insensitive and nasty negative criticism into a fuel source that moved me forward rather than holding me back. I have decided to put it out there as I feel it may benefit many others who find themselves in a similar situation.

Owning Your Brilliance!

This Aquarius New Moon has the potential to awaken you to your uniqueness, and show you ways how to live it. Reach for the stars, and shine your light brightly.

What Type of Horse Are YOU, Using Numerology and Chinese Astrology?

2014 is the Year of the Horse for the Chinese Astrology Zodiac. To demonstrate the power of symbolism I thought it would be fun to marry up Numerology with the Year of the Horse.

Thoughts – Exactly What Do They Do?

If you do not like where you are going in your life and would like to change it, begin with changing your thoughts. Oh, easier said than done, right? Only because you think it is. So let’s start there.

How To End Complacency and Bloom Forever

Being complacent in any area of your life means thinking you’ve “arrived,” but there’s no such thing as a state of arrival or finality. The arrival point is always moving, always changing. Just when you think you’ve arrived, life moves the goal posts.

Do You Know Yourself

There’s nothing wrong with self-promotion. In fact we should do that to gain some headway in our lives. But any marketing guy worth his salt will tell you that anything less than the truth will not work. Maybe you will have some initial successes, but ultimately you become ordinary and banal to catch anybody’s attention, or bomb out and be exposed as a fake.

How to Be Ready Even When You’re Not

We tend to want to wait until we are “ready” to do something. To do anything. We spend a lot of time “getting ready.” Truth is, we rarely allow ourselves to be deemed ready and we stay stuck in a holding pattern.

5 Ingredients of Successful Entrepreneurship

Read the quintessential qualities required to become a consistently successful and growing entrepreneur. Read how you too can grow your business and take it to the next level.

7 Tips To Becomining An Indispensable Employee

This article is one meant to show employees a few tips on how they can become an indispensable asset to their employer. It outlines the ways you can become that employee whose absence can cause productivity to grind to a halt.

Important Priorities

We have priorities whether we think we do or not, and whether we care or not. We can show life our priorities, or life can show us our priorities. It’s better to have them on purpose.

Why Real Learning Requires An OPEN Mind

Nearly every day, each of us have opportunities for additional training regarding some issue that we might want, or need to address. Have you ever wondered why so many individuals take so many courses and training programs, and often seem immediately enthusiastic, yet why so few of them actually use the techniques taught on a regular basis? In the vast majority of cases, we hinder our own opportunities for true learning because we refuse to adapt or consider alternatives, or we refuse to actually discipline ourselves to follow the steps and/ or methodologies that we have been taught.

3 Tips on How to Reinvent Yourself

Reinventions are not just external. They require huge paradigm shifts. True reinvention happens on the inside more than on the outside. By the time people start to notice you’ve reinvented yourself, they can only see the external changes. It doesn’t have to be a painful experience so here are three tips on how to reinvent yourself.

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