The Leo King Special Lecture “Rising Through The Darkness: Purgatory” The Truth You Haven’t Heard

Living a Seize the Day Life

Do you know how to “seize the day”? Do you even know what it means or how it influences your life? Learn what this means and how it can affect you positively.

Where Do You Put Your Focus?

We get what we focus on in life. Do we focus on the future possibilities or the past failures? Do we let the past guide our future?

Do Your Friends and Family Support You?

The support of others in building a business or changing your life is essential. You need to hear the positive reinforcement and encouragement to succeed, but we don’t always hear that. Find out how to handle that situation.

Do You Live in Fear or Hope?

Some people live their lives in fear, fear of failure and disaster. Others live their lives in hope, hope of and for good things and a positive future. Which outlook do you live by?

What Is Your Reason or Your Why for Success?

You may have a great and vivid vision of where you want to go in life, but that’s not the only thing you need. You also need to have a great and distinct Why. Do you know why you want to achieve the things you do?

Worthy Mentors

In all parts of our lives, we should look to others who are better, wiser, and more able than we, and learn from them. As intelligent people, we don’t have to, and will not try to figure out everything for ourselves.

How Can You Change

Being who you are requires no effort from you. You are not unique if you separate everything you do into little actions because there are many people who do the same actions; however, what makes you unique is the way you do everything and every action you do combined with the other; your attitude when you do something makes you unique. The way you handle things differently than everyone else is what makes you unique. But to change that all you have to go through an extremely difficult process.

Is It A Lack Of Clarity In Our Values That Brings Conflict?

If life seems as though it is handing you many conflicting situations, it would be of a great benefit to you to discover and understand your core values; the ones that make you tick. Because whether we know it or not all of our final decisions are usually concluded based on what these core values are. However not knowing or understanding what our core values are, can leave us confused about our results. Sometimes the conflict is within ourselves; somewhere along the lines we’ve ended up somewhere that contradicts what we say we believe or really value.

Who Is In Charge of Your Life?

Everyone’s life is under the direction of something or someone. Sometimes it’s us and sometimes it’s not. Look at your life and ask yourself, “Who’s In charge around here?” The answer may surprise and upset you!

Living in The Future Vs The Here and Now

Where do you live? Is it in the here and now? Do you ever think about the future? If not, why? Learn how you should be grounded in the reality of the here and now, but should not be living there.

How Do You React to Change?

Change can be a powerful and frightening thing, but it doesn’t have to be. See how you can learn to reframe changes as good or how they can be learning experiences.

You ALWAYS Have Momentum, Which Way Is It?

Momentum is moving toward something that seems inevitable. Is it? Momentum can be in the right and wrong directions. Learn how you can change your momentum.

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