The Leo King & Robert Phoenix Interview – Navigating Through Saturn/Uranus Crazy Times

YOU Are the One You’ve Been Waiting For

You are your own biggest obstacle and your own strongest trailblazer. Yes, getting out of your own way is scary and can feel vulnerable. But when you keep blocking your own progress, you’re guaranteeing that nothing will ever change.

How to Improve Your Spiritual Life and Your Relationship With God

How improve your spiritual life and your relationship with God. Why going to church is important. How to deal with your sins.

The Four Major Life Areas To Incorporate in Your Life for Ultimate Success and Fulfilment

There are universal laws that govern our world, regardless of what we think of them and of our (dis)belief in them. You may as well want to purposely use them in the four major areas of your life. This article shares with you how to do that.

Identify With Your Power and Change Your Life

Identify with your Power! Acknowledge your power! Claim it! And use it to build the life you desire!

4 Tips and Secrets to Becoming Irresistible

I have always been the person at parties who ends up standing at the edge of a conversation, hoping and wishing that one day, people would find me irresistible and hang off my every word. I spent years admiring popular and passionate people who draw others in. These people are incredibly irresistible. Are people born with an irresistible quality or charm? What qualities cause someone to be irresistible? Is irresistibility a skill that can be acquired?

How to Discover Your Life Purpose in About 15 Minutes

Discovering your life purpose in 15 minutes. Finding the real reason why God created you.

Why You Can’t Create Change Overnight

You can make the changes you want. Just not overnight. And that’s okay. Because the slower, more methodical path is what allows your changes to stick.

INNERpreneurship – The Rise of Self Destiny

During a short bout of unemployment, I discover what INNERpreneurship is, in a “perfect storm” of reflection and perspectives on the current work paradigm. After delivering as a keynote several times, I put to words a summary to and convince others to be on the lookout for their “perfect storm” where they may discover their INNERpreneurship.

Second Key to Aging Gracefully

A few years ago I wrote a book in which I said something that got me on the radio a lot and seemed to be controversial to the self-help gurus out there. In my book I said, STOP SETTING GOALS. But, even as I was writing that and talking about it, I wondered if I really meant it, until I started to really study what we learn spiritually as we age.

Let It Go – One Key to Aging Gracefully

Years ago, I studied at Columbia University for a doctorate in Adult Learning and I was shocked to discover that adult development theories stop at 65 and very few of the theorists even broach the subject of spirituality. So I decided to take it on. I’ve since discovered a number of organizations that discuss spirituality, but most of them talk about spirituality and health or how to cope with dying.

Some Humor About the Aging Process

As we age, it’s very important that we learn to take ourselves lightly. This article presents some humor on the aging process.

Anti-Aging or Growing Spiritually While Aging?

We can either buy into what the media tells us about aging, or take a stand that it is a time to grow spiritually. Which will you do?

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