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Fear Or Not To Fear

Some people face the fear bravely and try to diminish their fear as far as possible while others fell prey to the fear virus and thus make their own life miserable. There is nothing to fear if you are able to analyze the situation correctly. Whatever difficulty you face in life, there is always a way out. Your positive thinking can make it happen.

The Email-Video Exchange As a Form of Online Counseling

The email, one of the earliest forms of internet based communication, is also the earliest form of online counseling. This asynchronous form of online counseling provides for the greatest level of anonymity and convenience for the client. A client can submit their email at their leisure and read their response at their leisure.

Why You Don’t Trust Goodness

All too often we are brought up in an environment that takes away our goodness or good times almost before we can begin to enjoy them. We come home feeling good about an invitation, or joining a new team, or accomplishing something physical or academic and before we can get the joyous event out, it is taken away due to an outbreak of anger, denial, or just plan apathy. From this experience we take in at an early age that sooner or later for what ever reason, the shoe will drop and goodness is over.

YOUR LEGACY – Greatness Requires Sacrifice!

“There comes a special moment in everyone’s life, a moment for which that person was born. That special opportunity, when he seizes it, will fulfill his mission–a mission for which he is uniquely qualified. In that moment, he finds greatness. It is his finest hour.” Winston Churchill

Personal Development – Start Right Now or Miss Out on Key Life Choices!

Personal development is the pursuit of learning, developing, honing and mastering the skills that help you become the best that you can, with all that you have. It is the reaching for, and realizing of your full potential as a human being.

Online Personality Tests to Become People Smart

Online personality tests are behavioral assessments that can provide you with considerable insight into your own behavior and motivations, as well as the primary behavior of people you encounter in both your personal and professional life. You will be able to quickly and accurately identify another person’s style, become more adaptable, and build stronger relationships. You will be people smart.

Addicted to Feeling Needed and How to Recover From Codependency

An article written to help those who are addicted to feeling needed, learn to stop bringing chaos into their lives, through the gift of self awareness. It is possible to recover from the need to please others.

How To Live With Greater Confidence

Confidence can be one of, if not the hardest thing to face in life. Confidence is the root of our very “self”, and can influence every aspect of our life, either for good or for bad. This can be the MOST difficult thing to work on of all, for to do so relies on our own ability to dig deep within ourselves, searching for the very things that are hard to face.

The Benefits of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a skill in which you examine what you are feeling and why you feel a particular way in a given situation. Developing a high level of EI is a skill that would benefit adults in any occupational field. The ability to closely examine your emotions and thoughts before making decisions or responding verbally leads to more successful work and home environments and to healthier people.

Grow Your Grass Greener Than The Other Side

You cannot control others and realising this is an important step to achieving happiness. When you stop comparing yourself to others you can focus on being the absolute best that you can be. Not to mention all the energy and time you save that would have been wasted stressing about how green someone else’s grass is.

Does the Thought of Giving a Teleclass Give You Scary Chills?

It’s OK! That happened to me at first, too.  Until I gave a couple of tele-classes and found out how much fun it was, that it was much easier than I thought, and I could be comfy in my home office teaching people all over the world!

Advice for Life (5 Tips)

I have repeatedly heard people using the following statement, “I’m great at giving advice but I am useless at taking it myself.” For that reason I would like to share 5 tips with you that maybe you haven’t seen from my perspective, or you just haven’t thought of in the same way as I have laid out below.

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