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A Lesson a Year

It’s easy to remember all the things that get us down but takes effort to think of everyday blessings, lessons learned and people who influenced us. See if you can list at least one lesson learned for each year of your life and challenge yourself to keep it going.

Adult Children of Alcoholics – Soothing The Critical Self

When we are raised by critical parents we learn to fear making a mistake. As adults we sometimes pinch ourselves off from others, in fear of being wounded by possibly being criticized. If our parents teased us, made fun of us, or generally treated us in a poor way, we may discover that as adults we are overly critical of self and of others. Read on about how to reclaim your right to be happy and to love self.

Developing Relationships With Growing People

It will definitely help you get on the track in the right direction. Now I want to pinpoint and focus on what can be of benefit to you with your personal development and that is develop relationships with growing people.

Life And Love Quotes With Lessons

There are many quotes out there on topics such as life and love. They give us lessons that can last forever and wisdom that can help us to be better in variety circumstances. In this article, we will look into some of those quotes.

How Would You Live If No One Were to Find Out?

How would you live if no one were to find out what you did? Would you work out if you couldn’t post pictures of your progress? Would you eat healthy if it meant you couldn’t document every meal on your Instagram? And would you travel if you couldn’t upload an album with some corny quote about life?

Beautiful Life Quotes

Beautiful life quotes can help us to make our life beautiful if only we can learn how to grasp the wisdom it provides. In this article, we will go through some of the beautiful life quotes and learn to apply in daily lives.

Self-Criticism to Activate Growth

It’s been mentioned countless times in previous posts but it’s worth mentioning every time. Growth is what everyone living on Earth should strive for, up until your adult-hood you practically have gone through a natural cycle of growth, through puberty. This is both physical and mental growth.

Chances Are, Your Life Isn’t Ruined

No one likes making mistakes, hearing negative feedback, being treated in a way that feels unfair, or the myriad of other events that can send any of us spinning. Here are three steps to help you keep things in perspective, so you’ll have more energy for what really matters to you.

The Bully Inside!

Bullying displays 3 distinct characteristics: Intentional, repeated and power imbalance. The most common forms of bullying include physical, verbal, relational (rumor-spreading or excluding) and cyberbullying. As a child they can either be the victim, the bully, or the bystander.

Fits and Spurts and Stops, Jerks and Leaps

Changing for the better is hard. And it is necessary. We get discouraged and stop. We have to start again. We have to keep going.

Positive Life Journey Tip Number 16

This article looks at how to change eating habits in less than thirty days. Simple solutions through positive brain training and expansion of mind.

3 Steps to Help You Let Go of the Past

Letting go of the past seems impossible at times, but these three steps can be an effective way to approach the challenging task and set you on the path to reinventing your new life. Begin to look at your hardship as your opportunity to change your life and use these three steps to embrace the excitement that comes along with that concept!

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