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Is Your Mind Your Enemy: Do You Escape in the Illusion That YOUR Truth Is THE Truth?

“Is Your Mind Your Enemy” employs a framework created by one of my favorite personal development and training people, the late Lou Tice, to explain why many of us cannot get out of our own way. Lou Tice understood that our minds – the words, pictures, and feelings that we invoke to communicate with ourselves – can either be the accelerator that propels our success, or the brakes that kill our momentum forever.

Steps on How to Develop Your Personal Growth!

You are in a position to change your current situation. You know you have a hard time making an improvement for yourself, so you try to find a way to change for the better. How can you do it though?

Aging Gracefully: How to Turn “Over the Hill” Into the New Adolescence

Aging is inevitable for those of us who are lucky enough to reach those senior years, but aging gracefully has to do with growing deeper as we grow older… Here’s how to turn the tragedies of yesterday into new hope for your midlife era and beyond…

How to Choose a Career to Happily Retire From

We all want to create something for people to remember us by. A career that allows you to do this will always leave smile on your lips, knowing that you have contributed to making things a little bit better. These need not be monumental accomplishments (though there is nothing wrong if they are). A simple tool design to increase the efficiency of an operation, a procedure to improve the process, a training program to improve people’s attitudes, or to motivate people to grow, etc..

Your Future Can Be Promising

Your Promising Future is at hand. You must want it bad enough to take the appropriate steps to secure it.

Recovering From Failure and Planing the Seeds of Future Success

We’ve all suffered humiliating failures in our lives. It’s how we deal with the aftermath that counts. Do you suck it up, learn from the lesson and move on, or do you quit?

The 5 People You Need in Your Life

I would not be the person that I am today without the many people that have been in my life. Each one has added a new dimension to my understanding, my emotions, my thoughts, my value. There are 5 people you need to have in your life to enrich it and make you… a better you.

We All Sell, So Why Not Do So Better?

How often have you heard someone state that everything we do involves selling, yet even with that knowledge, you’ve found it somewhat challenging to apply to ways to enhance your personal growth and performance? While some occupations, jobs, and behaviors are easily identified as sales – related, many others do not appear to be as obviously selling. However, the reality is that each of us is constantly either selling a product, a service, or ourselves, nearly all the time!

Stop Playing the Waiting Game and Start Living

The waiting game – we’ve all played it at some point in our lives. For most of us it started when we were young and we constantly waited for school to be done. For myself, there have many other times I have played this game – let’s see there has been the waiting to finish college, waiting to lose weight, waiting to find a new job, waiting for a raise or promotion, waiting to find a new boyfriend, waiting to figure out what I want to do with my life.

Perform An Act Of Positivity Everyday

As the New Year approaches, we all take time beforehand to set goals for the coming year. These goals range from taking up a hobby, learning a new language to getting healthy. We set these goals in hopes of making changes for the better and improving our lives.

How Much More Money Do You Want?

We all think we want more money but how much will make us happy? Noting that money rarely makes you happy, this article looks at three key reasons why that is and councils you to reconsider who much is ‘enough’.

How to Utilize More of Your Brain

The average human being utilizes only about 10% of their brain. Imagine what you can accomplish if you can increase that percentage. This article presents a way to utilize more of your brain’s capacity, thus opening yourself up to greater opportunity and success.

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