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I Wanted To Say No

I am sharing this post as a mom and a coach, mostly because so many moms I spoke to this weekend have trouble saying “No”. Be clear to what you say “yes” and to what you say “no”. Be comfortable saying, “No.” However, if you can find a yes in your no, you will be more at ease, living without regret and energy drain, and with more joy. Blend retreat into your decisions, into your life, and enjoy the manifestations.

I Am

I AM was written in 3 distinct ways. In addition to the 2 words in quotes like I just did above, it was written in the form of an equation reading, “I + A = M”.

Ability + Drive = Achieving Goals

The sooner one realizes that no matter how great one’s ability may be, or how driven/ motivated one is, unless he is willing to combine his ability with an extraordinary amount of drive, he will limit his potential for achieving goals. We only approach our potential when we do all we can to enhance our skills, optimize our attitudes, set personally meaningful goals, and drive ourselves to focus on taking those actions that potentiate our achievement of those goals. When we permit these components to work synergistically, then and only then do we permit ourselves to be as extraordinary as…

5 Daily Practices to Enliven Your Wholeness

There are five aspects to human beings that are essential for each individual to pay attention to, to live your best possible life. When you seed, nurture and grow each of these aspects daily, your inner and outer life becomes congruent and coherent.

Behind Every Great Woman – Is a Great Man

In my many years of life and relationship coaching; I have noticed a pattern that repeats itself over and over again. Successful women are afraid to rely on or receive assistance from their significant others. They feel they must go it alone in their pursuit of successful businesses, careers, and at times even parenting. For some reason, they believe it is a sign of weakness to allow their beloved to be supportive, offer suggestions, and even help promote what they are doing. Well, I am writing this article to let you know; it is okay to let the one you love be someone you can depend on to make you laugh when you want to cry, lift you up when life seems to be crashing down around you, and be your biggest cheerleader. You would do it for him; relax and allow him to be there for you.

Personality Opportunity Mismatch

Entrepreneurs often fail at their efforts because the opportunities they engage with do not match their innate personality traits, and therefore cause a lot of effort, resistance, difficulty and failure in their endeavors. Assessing personality traits and then designating a profile or role in which their personality traits can easily and effortlessly fit, allows the individual to excel at his role by simply displaying the traits that come naturally to him. Your personality traits are the blueprint to your success and in that solely lays the importance of assessing what traits and their combinations are unique to you and your personality.

Patient Care

Patients require patient care. Care requires patience and patients. Impatience expresses a lack of care. Caring professionals require lots of patience to attract lots of patients.

There Are Teachers Whispering in Your Ear

As we have evolved technologically, we have devolved spiritually. We have learned to be deeply unconscious just so that we can deal with the chaos. The trick is to be able to pull the “signal” from the “noise”. In other words, to be able to stay present enough, conscious enough, awake enough to collect the lessons the moments have to teach us and discard the rest.

How To Profit From Your Mistakes

There are two things you can do when you make a mistake. You can feel sorry for yourself and give up—or you can learn to profit from it.

Balancing Your Home and Work Life When You Run Your Own Business

It can be hard trying to sometimes maintain that balance between home and life when you have your own business. Some people might even make their home business their life and that can destroy a family.

How to Take Responsibility for Developing the Gifts That You Have, and Make a Profit!

Most of us will go through seven complete career changes during our working lifetimes. Don’t throw away years of specialised knowledge – it may just be that you have the solutions to the questions thousands of people are searching for…

Moving Past the Blame Game

Move past the blame game. There are too many individuals who are blaming people, circumstances, even God for their disappointments in life. Much of this is a failure to take responsibility for one’s life. Stop blaming others and start to look at what you can do to change your life: after all, it is your life, not someone else’s.

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