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Why Should I Write and Deliver a Eulogy?

Most of us dread public speaking – even presenting eulogies. Although eulogy audiences are more sympathetic and understanding than most, it is still public speaking, with challenges. The period following the death of a loved one is a trying time. You are likely experiencing grief and perhaps shock… Surprisingly, there are many benefits to presenting a eulogy.

Your Past Is Your Future

At first this title might sound like I’m saying you can’t control your future; this is not true. We all create a new past every moment. I like to call our actions and thoughts memory seeds.

How To Receive The Most From Affirmations

Did you know that affirmations can be a powerful and manifesting tool in your life? They are used to aid in healing, for stress and anxiety reduction, meditation, to uplift moods, bring about a desired goals, and enhance your overall well-being. They can create possibilities and positive outcomes in all areas of your life. Affirming statements can be stated anytime or anywhere and for anything to support your growth, desires and intentions.

City of Lonely Angels

When I told friends I was writing an article about loneliness in L.A., I got a few raised eyebrows and smirking comments like: What? You?! With the dozens of close friends and a family you love, who lives not in Timbuktu, but nearby San Diego? Yes, I sighed. We all have our moments of loneliness… especially in a city like L.A., with its storied isolation and de-emphasis of family and community in favor of self-absorbed ambition.

What Will Your Legacy Be?

Leaving a legacy worthy of pride and remembrance first requires an overriding mission in your life-a personal mission statement. Many people have heard of mission statements for business, but having a mission statement for your life is a little different: Do you have one?

Righting the Wrongs of Racism – A White Man’s Prescription – Exposing the Original Ideas of Racism

The vast majority of people know that racism is wrong, and despite recent claims here in the United States that we have entered into a post racial society due to the election of Barack Obama as the first black President, racism still persists, is felt and affects the day-to-day lives of countless African Americans and people of color in communities all across this country and world. While many blacks have risen up the ladder of financial and professional success, and the black middle class has grown substantially over the past generation, vast numbers in the inner cities have been left behind in a virtual quagmire of chronic poverty, family structure decline, violent crime, high incarceration rates, teen pregnancy increases and high drop out rates from secondary school.

Ten Ways to Read for Personal Growth – An Independent Consultant’s View

If you are like most people, you have to read a tremendous amount of material, at home, at the office, or at school just to keep from getting buried in paper. Considering all the reading materials you get just in the course of a day, if you read all this information word for word, you’ll wind up spending all your time reading and not have time for anything else. These Ten Ways to Read for Personal Growth will help you to experience reading, not as a chore to be put off as long as you can, but as an enjoyable and satisfying skill.

Athletes Faking Injuries Is Unacceptable

Can you tell when an athlete is faking an injury? As they get older, moving up to pros, do they become more sophisticated at bluffing an injury than grade school athletes? Possibly, but not necessarily. Athletes have a larger stage, but lack the skill set as thespians.

Invite Your Sense of Play

This is an invitation to find your sense of being a child, knowing the sense of play. Antidote to the ethic of hard work and competition in our business world, this different attitude may provide a helpful balance.

Jumping Out of the Box After Midlife

A story of about how a person creates drastic changes in her life, post midlife. This leads to an adventures of learning, challenges and fun. Life is anything but boring.

Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

COMFORT ZONE… When you find yourself stuck in your current reality by believing your internal self-critic chatter. Chatter that fuels your self-doubt, floods you with undeserved guilt and literally sucks the life out of you by making you believe all the negative chatter is real.

Yours, Mine or Ours

Each day we move through a sea of emotions, feelings and thoughts. Without our realizing it, we take on many of these emotions, feelings and thoughts as our own. We never realize that they actually belong to someone or something else.

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