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You Can’t Self-Help Without Yourself

Self-help is the focus of many men and women within society today. Yet many men and women are missing a true sense of self and who they are. Read on and find out how to determine a true sense of self so that you can truly self-help.

Make Inspirational Quotes Part of Your Personal Development

The road to personal gratification is one that is paved with many road blocks and broken street lights. Find out how an inspirational quote can serve as your own personal light to your road of personal development.

What Is Your Calling, Your Life Purpose?

Nietzsche once said, “He who knows the why of his life can bear with almost any how.” Time and time again, we have been challenged to “follow our calling”. We all have a calling; a reason for being here. That calling may not be something that is going to change the world or even your community. It may only impact you and yours. But, everyone has a calling.

Make Strength of Character Your New Habit – It’s a Good Addiction to Have

No one ever succeeded in life by living their life-experience in mediocrity. You can’t achieve anything in life if you constantly make excuses and procrastinate. You’ll never accomplish your goals if you never put forth the effort, commit yourself, or are dedicated towards that cause.

Overeating, Overwhelmed, or Stuck? Declare Your Independence!

In honor of Independence Day, declare your freedom. Freedom from overeating, overload, and the habits that hold you back.

Our Perceptions Create Our Beliefs – The Conscious Illusion

Our personal beliefs are created from our interpretation of our perceptions, these in turn create your circumstances. Discover how these beliefs are created in childhood and how they can be changed by living consciously. Discover an easily understood explanation of karma and its consequences in your life. Gain a valuable understanding of the correlation between your beliefs and karma and how to use this knowledge to determine what state of karmic consciousness you are living.

Stepping Into The Darkness To See The Stars: The Raw Truth Of Personal Change

A friend of mine once said to me “Paul, sometimes you have got to step into the darkness to see the stars.” That was pretty profound in my opinion and it got me thinking…

Is Perfectionism a Blessing or a Curse?

It doesn’t become any more desirable than perfect, right? When any undertaking or job is completed perfectly then it’s all we might wish for. Perfection is exactly what all of us ought to shoot for regardless of whether we’re employed by ourselves or even somebody else. Employers constantly look for personnel that try to make every effort in order to ensure it is perfect. Is this the way you really feel?

Kick Perfectionism to the Curb

Have you ever noticed that people aren’t really afraid to admit that they are perfectionists? Oh sure, they will sound guilty, but they aren’t really. People don’t feel bad telling others: “Sally is such a perfectionist”. It’s a compliment! It’s like telling someone their too skinny. Would you be ok if you found out someone called you a skinny bitch behind your back?

How Do I Make Time For Me When I Have Too Much On My Plate?

“I am a business owner and it seems I need to choose between time for me or time with my kids. How do I reconcile this and fit in both because they both seem important?”

Healed For Life

In life we all have our share of ups and downs, but the problem comes when we have more downs than ups. How much would life change if we could bring some level of balance to it and peace and joy becomes the driving force? Life is the greatest gift that God has given to man so why not embrace it wholeheartedly and start living it in its fullness. In other words become a lover of life. He came into this world that we could live a more abundant life.

The Light AND the Darkness

As I reflect on what I perceive is my purpose in moving through the world, I notice the positive energy this creates. Would I want it any other way? Would I find meaning in what I think, feel, and do in a negative way? The fact that I even ask these questions has me wondering about the possibilities that my view of human responsibility may be biased. Metaphorically, the light created by a positive focus seems more evident when the negative options of the dark are considered. Might there be times, as well, when the intent is to search for the dark as a reprieve from the light?

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