The Leo King December 2021 Astrology Update + Check In

Apocalypse or Awakening?

You’re probably feeling it… No matter how cloaked your perceptions have become throughout your life, it does not take much to be able to tell that we are in the process of a giant shift here on Planet Earth. The question that is brewing is… Is it the stirrings of an awakening or an apocalypse?

How to Kill Your Self-Confidence in 7 Easy Steps

I write consistently about how career women, women entrepreneurs and women in general can boost their self-esteem and self-confidence. But I never write about things you may be doing that could be drastically diminishing your self-esteem and confidence. So I wanted to take an opportunity to put these in front of you so you can mull them over and decide if you’re putting your self-confidence in harm’s way.

The Emotional Freedom Technique – Hay Fever

Whilst chatting about the Emotional Freedom Technique, I was asked if this technique could help allergies and particularly Hay Fever. Well the answer is Yes and it can completely cure it! Find out why?

Japanese Kyudo: Zen in the Art of Archery

Kyudo, literally meaning “way of the bow”, is far from being just an archery type sport. It is considered by Japanese to be a personal search for truth and perfection–and is often referred to as Tachi-zen (standing meditation).

Creating A New Life – The One You Want.

How do you see your life right now? How do you view the world? What does your life offer you? What do you want? Well what are you waiting for? Create your new life the one you want!

Putting You First

This article is for people who in an effort to be good caregivers, parents, spouses etc have neglected themselves and have put their needs at the bottom of a very long “to-do” list. It will offer some insight on putting yourself first and why it’s important to do so.

Questions to Ask Yourself to Get Clarity About Your Life and Where It’s Going

One emotion and state of mind that most people feel is the most difficult to deal with is the sense of not having any clarity about anything. We feel powerless, clueless and frustrated by not knowing what we want, why things are as they are, what to do, which way to go and we can place ourselves in a very negative space by obsessing or feeling guilt over not knowing. Thinking that we should know, that everybody else seem to have a grand plan for their lives while we don’t even know what to have for dinner.

Ways to Achieve More Through the Power of Self Discipline

We can achieve success faster by putting limits on things that we do everyday. What does this mean you ask?

What To Remember When Your Life Goes South: Five Unconventional Tips to Take Advantage of Adversity

We each have a constant companion in life. This companion may come as a pleasant surprise, a welcomed gift or simply as trouble. Sometimes we deliberately invite this companion but just as often, she is thrust upon us without notice or preparation. This constant companion is change. Some would say that change equals life and is life. Some of us need it while others avoid it, but even when we initiate it we feel out of control. It’s no wonder we resist it–we are creatures of habit. Our natural reaction is to change is to brace when it might be better to relax and let go. Here are five unconventional tips to deepen your relationship with adversity and take advantage of change.

7 Ways You Can Protect Your Dream From Being Stolen From You

Have you ever heard of dream stealers? These are people who try to talk you out of pursuing your dream. And they can be found everywhere.

The Power of Chi by Robert Pino

Is the life you want to live something outside of your grasp or is it something close to you that all you need to do is reach for? According to Robert Pino, all that you want out of life is definitely right there.

How to Solve a Problem – Eight Easy Steps to Find the Solution

I’ve noticed that when I focus my mind on the solution instead of the problem, good options come easily to me. The Universe acts upon the millions of possibilities for everyone, whether they’re perceived as “problems” or “opportunities.” Whatever you focus on, you manifest in your life.

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