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Never Underestimate Your Abilities

Continents and oceans have been shaped and conquered by men and women who were just like you. These men and women did not have armies by their sides, and they did not have a power that is not accessible to ordinary men and women; all they had was a belief in their own abilities and the belief that they could do what they set out to do. When someone tells you to never underestimate your abilities, it is not because they want to give you false hope or a sense of false security; it is because you are truly capable of accomplishing anything you set out to do; anything that your heart truly calls you to do.

Want to Be a VIP? Treat Yourself Like One!

We often put taking care of others before taking care of ourselves, but neglecting our own well-being is not sustainable in the long term. We can best care for others when we are first making sure we are taking care of ourselves. Find some simple tips for increasing your self-care even in the midst of a busy day.

Why Your Unconscious Runs Your Life Even Though You Would Swear It Just Isn’t So

We call it the unconscious because it is exactly that. Running you thoughts, feelings, actions, and especially all the stupid repetitive responses you were sure you would never do or say again is the unconscious. The reason you are sure I am wrong is because it is unconscious to you and the only way to see the proof of this is to follow your repetitive patterns in life. Especially the behaviours that are unwanted that keep showing up.

Turning Disadvantage Into a Gift – A Personal Story

Our family was very poor. I was the oldest of four boys and my parents rented a house for $15 a month. It had electricity, but we didn’t have a refrigerator. We all used the outhouse equipped with last year’s Eaton’s catalog. We had no car, but dad got to his job by bicycle and somehow supported the six of us.

Shine the Light on You!

This week’s article came to me while I was driving in my car last week. It specifically gives tips on how to do self-evaluation. It also talks about learning to shine the light on yourself instead of putting it on others.

The Beauty of Change

Within the last 13 years that I am engaged in the field of self development, I had the opportunity to observe the same, repeating behaviors at myself and my clients. Let’s explore the effort for change, one of the most important ways for someone to be developed…

I Love – Me!

Who is the most important person in the world for you? This is one of the first questions I ask in coaching sessions or in our workshops. Usually I come across answers such as, my child, my husband, my parents. However…

Why Do Things Happen in Life: Providence or Positive Attraction?

Why do things happen to us in life? Are events somehow pre-ordained by providence or scientifically based laws? Are we masters of our own destiny and is it totally in our gift to make things happen or not? Or is life a combination of each of these.

Experiencing Success

What moments increase your success? Once you learn about your behavior and assess your readiness, you can pick a success date and literally transition your choices one moment at a time as you move toward your preferred outcome. This article discusses way to do so.

To Comprehend and Learn

What drives human behavior? This article discusses Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Behavior to better understand why we humans do what we do, which includes five elements with multiple aspects in each element: physical survival, safety & security, belonging, self-esteem, and self-actualization.

Is Crying A Sign Of Strength Or Weakness?

Well, you couldn’t ask a much more general question than that, could you? Is crying a sign of strength or weakness? But when you really delve into it, there are many considerations. Research scientists carried out tests, (well, they’re always carrying out tests, aren’t they?), but what they tried was making a recording of a baby crying, playing it in a room full of both boys and girls and basically seeing what happened.

How To Become An Effective Communicator

Everything we do has something to do with communication. Often we think it is something that happens when we are talking or listening. We accept that the person hearing the information doesn’t necessarily need to be present (e.g. watching the television or listening on the radio) but we know that for communication to have taken place, something must have happened within the listener. It also has to do with understanding the intent of the person speaking and acceptance of that information or the meaning intended by the speaker.

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