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Why Do We Need Spirit And Spirituality?

Alexander is a member of an ancient and unique sect of Christianity, which existed for centuries before the Orthodox/Catholic sects even existed. The foundation of this sect was built upon the ancient principals of the Israelite Essene Christian Faith; the original Christianity. Yeshua Ben Joseph, the Messiah was born into this Spiritual Body, of the “Woman Clothed in the Sun”; a people of living Prophetic Acts, through Manifest Gifts, Miracles, Revelation, Prophecy, Healing, and Vision. As a prophet of the Spiritual Molokan Nation, Alexander has begun to teach those intricate secrets of the Holy Spirit, which have been passed down for millennia, generation to generation, by the Living Messengers of God. To learn more about how you could begin building your own personal “Prophetic Journey in Life”, visit Alexander’s website and bookstore to begin an amazing journey of spiritual transformation.

The Power of Gratitude

When you consistently practice gratitude, consciously acknowledging the good in your life, you boost your happiness, improve your health, and create abundance. Yes, a lot from a simple practice, but it’s not surprising. Here are four reasons gratitude is so powerful.

Avoid the Goal Setting Jibberish

If conventional wisdom works, why do so many fail? Setting goals for most is just a wish list because the secret sauce has been hidden. A little effort goes a long way.

Men Increase Your Manhood In Five Minutes Guaranteed

As men we are called upon to be husbands, fathers and stepfathers. How can we be successful in these roles if we don’t have an understanding of true or authentic manhood?

Why Jobseekers Must Apply Online

It’s often frustrating for jobseekers when employers refuse a paper or quickly emailed resume and ask them to apply online. This is one of the main reasons why career experts believe that online job search is the way to go for jobseekers. The era of walk-in application has come to a close.

3 Things Very Successful People Do Really Well

It’s a new year. What will you do better by the end of this year? The most successful people constantly become better at something new. For example, Donald Trump went from real estate to TV shows. This article takes a counterintuitive perspective of 3 critical areas of focus that all successful people do. While they initially appear simple, they are rarely pursued with the same intention described in this article.

Psychic Insights and Prosperity Horoscopes for 2014

Psychic impressions of the year ahead; predictions for individuals, the U.S., and spiritual guidance for success in 2014. Life is going to get wild, folks.

Here’s a Secret: Life’s a Mystery (Your Intuition Knows What to Do)

A secret that’s revealed is no longer a secret. A mystery that’s revealed remains a mystery.

The Power of Measurement

Our lives operate around measurements. Without them, we cannot function. Think about it-even undeveloped countries use the rising of the sun and moon and the changing of the seasons as measurements.

To An Unknown Path

Welcome to a new year and may 2014 bring you blessings, abundance and good health. As an organized business owner, I – of course – had a list of topics lined up for this New Year.

How to Cope With the Angst of Transition

Many times throughout life we’re thrown into a period of upheaval, confusion, and anxiety as we progress through the natural cycles of life. Sometimes we instigate these changes ourselves, sometimes they just seem to happen. Here’s how you can make the process more meaningful and purposeful, thereby decreasing the angst that we typically feel during these times.

Can You Be Happy Without Being an Optimist?

Happiness is mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. Being an emotional state means it comes from within induced by positive or pleasant beliefs about oneself and his/her circumstances, regardless whether good or bad. It is a choice dictated upon by the belief that things are good, even if evidence says otherwise. And it is impossible to have that frame of mind without optimism, that madness of insisting that all is well when we are miserable.

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