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Don’t Like the Answer? Ask a Different Question!

Do you need a different answer to the questions you’ve been asking? Try asking a different question, instead. Learn how with these 4 tricks!

Philomena and My Father

“I wonder if he ever thought of me.” These words spoken by Dame Judith Dench as Philomena, in the film with the same name, grabbed at my heart and took me into my own question: I wonder if he ever thought of me. In the film, Philomena was questioning whether the son, who had been taken from her by Irish nuns and adopted by an American family, ever thought of her. It was the same question I had about my father.

When Are You Going to Slow Down?

No one thinks about slowing down during the holidays. Our lives as speeding by faster and faster. There are techniques you can use to actually change your perception of how fast time is moving. Use these ideas to create a more enjoyable “now.”

Just The Opposite

If instructions are presented in the negative (Don’t), we often act on them as if they were in the positive (Do). It’s hard to think of something or do something other than what was presented to us. Talk and instructions should be positive.

Getting Your Peace On Earth at Christmas

The time to be jolly, and the time of peace on Earth: it’s Christmas! What’s this all about then? Simply one thing: the ultimate benefit we are all looking for in this life, and which all benefits boil down to – peace of mind. That’s why, even commercially, companies give ‘peace of mind’ guarantees and warranties and so take – sometimes – the worry out of purchasing. Of course there is an irony in that at this time of year, the time of peace on Earth, that many people are going to purchase so much, and rack up so many bills that their peace of mind is assuredly not going to happen any time soon! But what is this peace of mind that we all want? I think there are three distinct components of it that we may review. The first is relevant to Christmas in that it is what might be termed a spiritual peace of mind. However, I think it would be a mistake to think of this as something peculiarly Western and only relevant to patriarchal notions of an angry God.

Why It’s Important to Invest in Your Own Therapy

I often say ‘we cope until we don’t’ and that might sound a little trite, but the truth is, each person’s breaking point is personal to them. Other people can offer opinions, advice and support but there comes a time when we have to decide for ourselves and invest in our own therapy and healing recovery.

How Will You Improve In The Future?

One of the greatest unresolved paradoxes may be the reasoning behind why so many people earnestly create New Year’s Resolutions, and goals, etc., yet why so few of these ever actually come to fruition. While in a small percentage of the time, these resolutions are merely empty rhetoric or an attempt to fool yourself, in the vast majority of scenarios, my premise is that they are, in fact, earnest in nature, but that implementation involves numerous behaviors, attitudes and actions, including becoming and committing to a more positive and proactive approach, becoming challenge orientated as opposed to perceiving problems, becoming…

Adult Children of Alcoholics – When You Love an Alcoholic, You’re Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Any adult child of an alcoholic or any adult child of an emotionally manipulative parent would tell you that the slightest conversation about the most mundane thing is enough to cause a total breakdown in communication with one of or both of their dysfunctional parents. Whether it is a conversation about the weather, or about a news story on television, when trying to communicate with an alcoholic–or emotional manipulator–even the most simple conversation topics are enough to start what feels like a cold war.

5 Tips of Christmas – How To Survive The Celebrations

The fact that Christmas originally really had nothing to do with family, love and being together in harmony might shock you. In fact, I was quite surprised to read that it apparently originated in what the Roman pagans first introduced as a weeklong period of lawlessness, the holiday of Saturnalia. In the week from 17 until 25 December Roman courts were closed and no one could be punished for injuring people or damaging property. Imagine that!

5 Ways to Handle a Lonely Christmas!

London. Phoenix. Rome. This has been my (travelling) life in the last 2 weeks. Wow – many of you say! How lucky you are, many of you also say. No doubt about it that I ‘get to’ travel to some incredible places in my life as an entrepreneur. And yes, there are many ‘up-sides’ to all this travel and to the experiences I have in each fabulous city. I’ve created this. I love this.

How To Gain The Upper Hand In Any Conflict

Compassion is not normally something we think of in terms of a power strategy but it can be when you know the one thing that every conflict has in common. Hate conflict? Would you rather run to the ends of the earth than have a confrontation with somebody? Have you ever subverted your own needs just to avoid strife and keep the peace? Then here is a sure-fire strategy for you to find the courage to face an unpleasant situation, make you heard and best of all return peace and harmony to a difficult situation..

A Counselor’s Guide to Thriving Over the Holidays

The holidays are viewed as a wonderful time, but there can be some stress. Check out a counselor’s view on thriving over the holidays.

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