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When Your Explanation Is Worse Than Your Alleged Offense

The uproar over Richard Sherman’s post game interview was much ado about nothing. However one of his comments in the article he wrote for Sports Illustrated the next day proved the old adage that less is more.

Your Fitness Plays a Major Role in Your Success

Good health is extremely important today, especially given the excessive stress we all experience at work. In fact, experts believe and facts corroborate that if you are fit and healthy, your career grows by leaps and bounds as opposed to when you are not so fit and healthy, irrespective of what academic accolades or professional achievements you have acquired in the past. Under these circumstances, it is not all that surprising to state that fitness plays a major role in your overall success in life.

5 Reasons Why Most Women Will NEVER Unlock Their God-Given Potential

Typically when someone sees the potential in you, they see where you are and believe that you can be or do more. It means that there is room for improvement… and that is a good thing. The problem with potential and someone else seeing your potential is when you don’t see it in yourself. God sees your potential, He sees the best in you and it is time that you see it too. “Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us” (Ephesians 3:20).

Satisfy Your Dissatisfaction

Have you ever heard a version of this before: “You should be satisfied with what you’ve got.” I’m here to tell you that it’s not true!

Are You Willing And Able To Become Better?

Anyone who hopes to excel at the top of his game must eventually face the attitudinal option of either becoming better, or merely being satisfied with accepting and settling for the status quo. If our existence were static and unchanging, and outside influences never changed, then merely staying the course might be a realistic option, but since the one thing we can nearly always count on is that both we ourselves, as well as outside influences are constantly changing and/ or evolving. In order to maintain the ability to focus on being better and/ or improving we must ask at…

It’s Still Important to Heal Your Memories, It Will Change Your Life

Everyone has good and bad memories. When you look back on the past, the memories that you recall the most are the ones that you have strong feelings about. This includes memories where you were happy, such as a vacation,wedding, and good times with family and friends. Conversely, you probably remember some of the worst days in your life, such as deaths of relatives, losses of jobs, divorce, being bullied etc. Unfortunately these memories can stay with you and you may need healing. Do you have a memory that you think about frequently and experience the feelings over and over? If you do, you may need to work on healing the feelings so you can move on in your life. This article will give you tips on how to overcome the un happy feelings.

How to Become a Confident Woman

Have you seen women that exude an air of confidence and self-assurance. You get the feeling that they can conquer the world. You admire them and wonder how they reached that level. You secretly wish you had half of their skills and success. Follow my tips and you can become a confident woman too.

Peace Of Mind, Or Short-Term Relief?

How often do each of us have the dilemma or choice between following our conscience and doing the right thing, versus opting for the expredient approach that might immediately benefit or enrich us? Which choice do you generally select? While short-term relief often appears beneficial (especially in the near term), how often does making the wrong choice or going with the expedient option have longer term deleterious or destructive ends or impacts?

Why Am I Not Whole?

This article details the reasons why abused children fail to feel whole. It also discusses the effects experienced in adulthood and the cure for this disease.

What Is Important in Life? You Decide!

In our busy and harried lives, it can be difficult to make the time to stop and really ask yourself, “What is important in life?” I’m not talking about the importance of deciding what’s for dinner tonight, or even how you’re going to get this current project done at work.

Laugh at Your Problem

See, the problem is real but as soon as the source of that problem is taken care of, the problem is gone. Its like killing a plant by destroying its root. If you can get at the root of any plant, then you are sure that is the end of that plant. No matter how low you cut the plant, it will spring up during its favorable time, but if you deal with the root, it is settled forever, so pure and simple.

Things Break Apart To Come Back Better Together

You are breaking apart and don’t know how to put yourself back together. You are wondering how could you have felt so low about yourself to attract those situations in your life. You feel that you did not grow up around certain things so your life should never go thru those things. While all those feelings are understandable, understand that some or all of those feelings are coming from our ego.

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