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5 Easy Steps to Overcome Fear

Living a meaningful life usually requires one to brave the unknown and not hide in the comfort of the familiar. But when too long is spent doing just that, a little strategy is needed to be gently coerced into the unfamiliar. Read on to find out how these little steps can significantly help you to live not only a meaningful but also a more exciting life.

Five Ways to Get Your Resume Noticed

Are you tired of having your résumé constantly set aside? No phone calls from recruiters? Check out these 5 tips to boost the appeal of your resume

How To Never Be Lonely Again Part I

Now that you are divorced or in the process of divorcing, are you afraid of facing the future alone? Would you like to know the secret to a long term fulfilling companionship? Then please allow me to introduce you to your one and only true soul mate… You. Part I.

A Native American Teaching on How the Cedar Tree Became a Gift From the Creator

Native Americans put great emphasis on developing good character. They teach their young through stories, such as this one about how the Creator gifted the people with the Cedar Tree.

Practical Tips to Help You Keep a Conversation Going

Keeping a conversation going requires skills in speaking and listening. The common mistake most people make is to think that the onus is on them to do all the talking. Not so – in fact the key to keeping a conversation going is not talking but listening.

Decision Making Part 2: Tipping The Scales Of Uncertainty

Decision Making. Ambivalence or uncertainty are both a normal part of change behaviour. Uncertainty of outcomes means you are trying something new. In any decision making process or problem solving exercise, weighing the pros and cons are part of the process. Uncertainty is the only security there is and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security.

Resilience: 3 Common Mistakes That Get You Off Track in Life

If you’ve lost your job and you can’t understand why, this is the mistake you can make time and time again. We focus on what we probably could have done better in order not to have lost the job. Or, you think, if you had just been given a little bit more time, things would’ve been different. Better yet, you get MAD for taking the job in the first place.

A Life of Peace Through Questioning

I work with women every week who claim that having a life of peace is their biggest priority. “A life of peace” doesn’t make for the best goal though.

Life and Work Balance – Myth or Reality?

“Is it even possible to achieve life & work balance?” bemoaned a client of mine a few months ago.

All Things Are Possible – What Could Be Impossible?

There is little, if anything, that is impossible. But if we don’t believe it is possible, it is not for us. If we believe it is possible, it is for us. It is normal to have doubts or not understand or be afraid of something that seems insurmountable, but as we start doing it, we find that it is possible and that we can accomplish it.

What Is Important in Life for You?

Have you ever asked yourself “What is important in life?” I’m not sure many people do.

Skip It – Navigating Pandora’s Box

By now most folks have had some experience with Pandora Radio or the like. Rather than watching TV these days many choose to listen to music. A few of my favorite features on Pandora can also be important tools in navigating our hectic lives in ways that bring peace, ease and flow.

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