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3 Ways Tips for Becoming the Man You Really Want to Be Today

Deciding that you’d really like to be a better man is the easy part of self-improvement for men. The not so easy part is understanding how to actually make that happen. This doesn’t even begin to tackle the issue of deciding which parts of your life really need to change and which ones are OK as they are.

How Can You Shed Your Deepest Fears?

For the most part, just about everyone believes tomorrow will be no different than yesterday. As a result, people live with presuppositions that constrain what they do, think and say. However, if tomorrow could be very different than yesterday, many people would take more chances and experience greater success. This article helps shed the fears that hold us back.

The Journey IS the Destination

American culture is focused on productivity, getting from one place to the next, and meeting deadlines. We often lose focus on what the journey has to teach us.

Rubik’s Cube of Life Experiences

Our life experiences are like a Rubik’s Cube in regards to how our perspective shifts with each color or side. Each one of our experiences can be seen just as we see them or we can shift our perspective multiple times with each experience. We can shift the experience up, down, left, right, back, forward, etc.

A Day In The Life Of LeBron James

If asked most people would probably like a day in the life of LeBron James. However, having whatever you want whenever you want could also have downsides.

Do You Really Know the Most Important Person in Your Life?

You will realise that we inhabit an ever changing world, which is now filled with competition, which comes from every corner of the globe. In the past, your competition came only from your fellow Chamber of Commerce members, but now with globalisation and the rapid rate of change all around you. Your competitor is anyone or any business anywhere in the world, who is involved in the same or similar industry to your own.

Ego and Success

Ego is our self-image, or self-esteem, not our true self. And it can meld with our real self can merge by exercising self-awareness in our thoughts, feelings, behaviors and speech. It’s like giving an image a form. Our dreams and desires are fruits of our ego, our successes the fruits of our real selves.

There Is No Such Thing As Work-Life Balance

Everyone seems to be on a perpetual quest of the perfect Work-Life Balance. There is no such thing. It’s all about the mix. What’s your mix?

The Value of ‘Effective Communication’

Do we all know what ‘effective communication’ is all about? Why we sometimes don’t communicate well to get the desired results? What makes us do that and what will make us improve our communication skills? Read in more detail to the get the answers.

Choosing How to Be – Choosing to Be a Better Person

I believe that a person can choose the kind of person he or she wants to be. The plasticity of the human being is grand and amazing. And one of the most malleable aspects of a human being is the way of being in this world and being with other people.

Divisions of Atheism

There are as many versions of atheism as there are divisions in the various religions of the world. This is not generally admitted, but careful attention to what people say about their beliefs will reveal it to be true. It helps to know what they are.

A Word on Forgiveness

Forgiveness doesn’t really exist. This is because all judgment, condemnation and blame are stories created and perpetuated by the human mind. There is no such thing as essential, universal wrongness, therefore there is no such thing as forgiveness, or a requirement for forgiveness, either. People who have experiences of divinity – whether through meditation, writing, nature or near death experiences – usually talk about feeling qualities like overwhelming love, unity, peace and joy. But forgiveness? No, it’s not a divine quality because neither is condemnation.

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